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Image credit: U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Dennis Cantrell (RELEASED)

Resurgent Patriotism Taking Its Rightful Place in American Life


The enormous, ongoing backlash against the NFL and select players taking a knee is evidence resurgent patriotism is taking its rightful place in American life.

A year ago when Kaepernick first took a knee at an NFL game, no one realized the strength of the growing Obama backlash, a backlash that resulted in the most unlikely outcome on Election Day: Trump winning the White House.

Along with the political backlash is the cultural backlash. Had anyone told you a year ago that large numbers of lifelong Steelers fans would be burning all their Steeler memorabilia, you would have called it impossible.

Some things must pass away before new life can emerge. It is apparent that fierce devotion to the NFL has given way to patriotism, a stronger devotion to country and our military, a new respect for the sacred.

This mass movement confronting radical Leftists tells us the time to strike is now, while the iron is hot.

People are beyond fed up. They are ragingly opposed to anti-American forces pounding away with lies, unrelenting forces of destruction, disrespect and demoralization.

Our best response is to encourage faith, family and fidelity in all walks of life, urging fellow citizens to defeat the forces of destruction with civil discourse, and an unwavering commitment to register and VOTE!

Remember, Obamaism was immediately confronted by the Tea Party in 2009. That mass movement found mass appeal, resulting in increased voter turnout, the election of conservatives, and a series of blocking movements to frustrate Obama’s plan to turn this republic into a dictatorship.  The Tea Party was so successful, Obama found it necessary to unleash the power of the IRS and the media in attempts to destroy it.

Remember the vicious attacks against Sarah Palin launched and sustained by Obama & Co.! Why? Because she effectively helped lead the opposition against godless communism in the person of Barack Obama.

Note that all the elections since 2008 resulted in Democrats losing seats at the local, state and federal level. Inspired and activated patriots voting conscience took 1,000 offices away from Democrats, placing Republicans instead.  Thanks to Obama’s radicalism, Trump was elected, and the Democrat Party is in debt, in disarray and in despair.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton’s vain effort to sustain the Obama march to destruction, Trump was elected, and now Republicans control the Congress, positioned to influence judicial appointments in positive ways. The economy is being fired up, and terrorist are being fired upon.

In Oregon, we have Governor Kate Brown, more radical than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton combined.  Governor Kate Brown is a pro-abortion, anti-gun, anti-freedom, anti-due process dictator glad to make Oregon a sanctuary state, putting citizens at risk, while she does nothing about government debt and the growth of government.

Oregon churches have launched an enormous petition drive to confront the Kate Brown abortion public funding initiative, a strong indicator the backlash is on!

This is the time to organize, speak up, move out, register and VOTE! The Kate Brown agenda must be defeated for obvious reasons. Just as the Obama and NFL backlashes are accomplishing great things like renewed patriotism and a return to traditional Americanism, so the Kate Brown backlash will return Oregon to sanity, safety and sensibility.


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