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Sonny Hernandez Chaplain

DOD Targets Christian Chaplain but Not Ted Lieu or Bradley Manning


U.S. Air Force officials are reportedly reviewing inspector general complaints against Reserve Christian Chaplain Sonny Hernandez based on a column that BarbWire published on Sep. 12. Meanwhile, there is no indication the Department of Defense is investigating U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu (also an Air Force reservist) or Bradley Manning (an active duty soldier) despite some highly questionable behavior by both.

Dr. Sonny Hernandez wrote, “Christian Service Members: Avoid Supporting or Accommodating Evil!” on his own time and in a civilian capacity. Here is some of what he wrote.

Third, the First Amendment of the US Constitution states that the free-exercise of religion is for all Americans to practice their faith, but does that mean a Christian service member should accommodate or support things that are contrary to their faith? Absolutely not! . . .

All service members have taken the oath to support and defend the Constitution. Taking an oath to defend the Constitution, does not require a service member to compromise their own sincerely held beliefs in the process, nor does it force a service member to accept a worldview that is antithetical to their own. According to the First Amendment, there is freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. Therefore, Christians in the Armed Forces should feel free to espouse and practice their convictions, and even deny participating, or accommodating a religion or practice that would cause them to sin—regardless if it offends others or not.

So he rightly says the Constitution permits all Americans to practice their faith. He also rightly says Christians should not violate their faith.

But progressive groups have reportedly succeeded in getting the Air Force inspector general’s office to review complaints against him.

Meanwhile, the Trump DOD is apparently ignoring the activities of Ted Lieu and Bradley Manning.

Ted Lieu is an anti-Trump Democratic U.S. congressman representing California’s 33rd district. He also is a currently serving airman in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. On May 16 he tweeted, “Now more than ever we need whistleblowers to come forward. I created an official website on how to leak to the press”.

The tweet links to his official House page where he does exactly what his tweet said. At the very bottom (“Additional Resources If You Are A Whistleblower:”) it includes links on how government employees can disclose information to several progressive organizations, including The Intercept.

At the very least, a U.S. congressman (and Air Force Reserve colonel) telling government employees to disclose information without authorization to media outlets is unethical. In fact, I would be surprised if it isn’t illegal.

But it gets better.

Former government contractor Reality Winner was arrested in early June for allegedly leaking a “classified National Security Agency document to a news outlet in May.”

So Lieu posting information on his official House website on how to disclose government info to progressive organizations occurred during the same general time Reality Winner allegedly disclosed intelligence. I have no idea if the two incidents are connected, but the timing is curious.

But it gets even better.

To which organization did Winner purportedly disclose the info? I’m not certain if the Department of Justice has ever officially specified that. But media outlets reported at the time that, “The announcement came shortly after The Intercept published a report based on a classified intelligence document showing Russian government hackers attempted to hack more than 100 local election officials before the November election.”

The Intercept—as in one of the same progressive organizations that Lieu links to on his official House page.

And yet, as far as we know, U.S. Air Force colonel and U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu is facing no consequences for what he has done. Perhaps there is an investigation occurring, but none has been announced.

Then there is Bradley Manning. After Obama commuted the sentence of this convict who illegally disclosed classified information, the U.S. Army put him back on active duty. And ever since that time Manning has been a high-profile political activist who regularly bashes Donald Trump.

That is, Bradley Manning, an active duty soldier, is bashing his commander in chief.

So where are the investigations of him?

Time will tell if Dr. Sonny Hernandez becomes the latest victim of the anti-Christian Department of Defense. Time will also tell if anyone in the Trump administration has any interest in investigating Ted Lieu and Bradley Manning.


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