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BREAKING! In Prayer for Judge Roy Moore’s Victory


The greatest threat to the future of liberty and justice in the United States is the elitist faction’s abandonment of the God-revering principles, succinctly stated in the American Declaration of Independence. It is their hostile rejection of the self-evident truth that the substance of right is determined by the will of God, the Creator of all things. It is their arrogant will to denigrate and banish from America’s public and political life anyone who refuses to put the pursuit of money and political power above their obligation to bear witness, in our public life, to the sovereignty of God.

It is because of this arrogant, implacable hatred of God that Mitch McConnell and the whole clique of unprincipled elitists he serves, have systematically seduced and betrayed the GOP’s God-fearing grassroots constituents for the last thirty years; and have, in recent years, openly warred against their love of God, and the liberty founded upon securing each individual’s exercise of God-endowed right, according to the terms of that endowment.

The contest between McConnell’s favorite, Luther Strange, and grassroots favorite Roy Moore is akin to the battle at Lexington and Concord in 1776, which signaled the determined uprising of America’s grassroots patriots against the British Crown’s defiance of God endowed right and justice.

As I write this piece, it our God-endowed right and justice still hangs in the balance.

I am praying, that Alabama voters will again approve Judge Moore’s true, courageous witness to the character of their God-fearing good faith, so vital to the repentant spirit and identity of our nation.

Though it is under assault from within and without, with God’s forgiveness and favor we may yet and still offer the best hope that, in previous generations, so many Americans lived and died to represent, not only to each other but to all people whose good will impels them to pursue it.

I am praying, as well, that Judge Moore’s supporters will not be tempted by the assumption that the runoff election makes the contest between Judge Moore and his opponent from the Democratic Party a foregone conclusion.

All things being equal, this may be true. But what if the same forces that have worked so hard to prevent Judge Moore from being nominated continue to work, albeit perhaps more slyly, to secure his defeat in the General Election.

People who remember Todd Akin’s fate in Missouri will not assume that these swamp sovereigns will not be lying in wait to second the Democrats’ assault, should some pretext offer them the opportunity to do so. The only thing the elitist faction’s arrogant tools value as much or more than crushing a God-fearing conservatives in the primaries is the opportunity to point to their defeat in a general election, as proof that such conservatives are unelectable.

In their costly determination to defeat Judge Moore, the elitist faction’s tools did not shrink from repeatedly deploying outright lies against Judge Moore and his supporters:

  • They lied about his finances.
  • They lied about his stand on 2nd Amendment rights.
  • They lied about his commitment to the causes President Trump avowed as the main focus of his campaign for the Presidency.

We can be sure that the Democrats will unleash their usual charges of racism against Judge Moore, with their usual disregard for even minimal standards of objective fact. But how can we be sure that the arrogant worldlings who imitated this disregard for truth during the GOP primaries will not contrive various ways to extend their lying ways into the General Election?

Those Democrats will be especially likely to do so if President Trump makes good on his promise to campaign for Judge Moore in the General Election.

Who doubts that there are forces among the elitist faction’s money powers eager to deploy whatever resources they must in hopes of embarrassing President Trump, as they have each and every time he slips the leash they have thus far successfully attached to his Administration?

Who doubts that there are GOP leaders who will, when ripe opportunity presents itself, ‘join the jackals’ that will be snarling at Judge Moore on behalf of the Democrats’ candidate?

If Judge Moore’s unusually well-pondered articulation of critical issues offers them scant opportunity, they will simply deploy a barrage of lies and innuendo, just as they did during the primaries.

With all this in mind, I urge Judge Moore’s faithful supporters not to relax their efforts on the assumption that his victory in the primary (which I earnestly pray Alabama voters will cooperate in God’s will to provide) ends the contest.

America is right now under existentially threatening assault by forces of ill-will mad with the ambition to put an end to the challenge our nation has time and again thrown down against the supremacy of evil in human affairs. It was boastfully flaunted to tempt Christ himself.

Who is foolish enough to believe it is not being deployed to tempt our nation to its destruction?

So, if the faith of Alabama’s voters gives substance to our hopes for righteous victory, let our vigilant prayer and fasting, for God’s sake, become the evidence that foreshadows the victory yet to come. This will be a worthy token of our thanks for the success God has thus far enabled. It will be our answer to the call He is encouraging us to give, through Judge Moore’s representation in the US Senate; through the example of Alabama voters of good faith and will; through the people throughout the nation rallied by his exemplary witness to the premises of our nation’s true liberty.

Like ‘the shot heard round the world’ when America’s first patriots resolved to battle for God’s endowment of right, let Judge Moore’s victory and subsequent service be the clarion call that emboldens faithful voters throughout our land to find and raise up candidates who will serve God on their behalf, as Judge Moore has in public office; not take His name in vain to serve their own lust for power and the world’s false praise.


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