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Certain Death for the Unborn?: A Ban for California Nurses Could Lead to Unwanted Abortions

On July 28, the California Nursing Board gave the pro-life pregnancy network Heartbeat International the green light to offer nurses continuing education units (CEUs) for Abortion Pill Reversal Classes.

Now it has flip-flopped on its decision.

On Sept. 5, the nursing board sent a letter demanding the pro-life pregnancy network “cease and desist” offering the classes.

Heartbeat International says it is not shocked by the board’s decision.

“At this point, it’s hard to say we’re surprised by any effort to prop-up the failing abortion industry.” Heartbeat International President Jor-El Godsey said in a statement given to CBN News.

He added, “But this is a direct effort to steal a mother’s choice right out from under her. Women who choose life should be celebrated, not silenced and told their stories – or worse, their children hold no value.”

The board reportedly changed its mind about the abortion-pill reversal courses after pressure from Rewire, a pro-abortion online publication.

Baptist Press reports that Rewire called the abortion pill reversal class, “medically questionable” in 2016.  The state then launched a 17-month audit of classes offered by Heartbeat.  While, at first approving the classes, the board later decided against that move.

Godsey condemn’s the board’s back and forth stance on the issue.

“People become nurses to help and serve others, but politically driven maneuvers like this keep them from carrying out their compassionate, God-given mission,” he said.

More than 350 doctors across the country have joined the Abortion Pill Reversal Netwok and Pro-lifers say the practice is literally saving lives.

CBN News has reported on the abortion reversal pill.

Since its inception in 2006 doctors report it has resulted in the births of close to 300 babies.

“Abortion promoters like to think they have cornered the market on ‘choice,’ but this just shows us what the conversation has been about all along: restricting a woman’s ‘choice’ to just one—abortion,” said Godsey.

“No woman should ever feel so alone or co-erced that she ends her child’s life through abortion. As a culture, we can do better than this, and it’s on us as the church to lead the way,” he also said.

Report via CBN News


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