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Widespread Abuse of Language in the New Age of Darkening


Listen to any conversation in which people disagree and one thing will become instantly clear in nearly every situation. Familiar words are used by one person or group to describe ideas or issues in crooked, bizarre or confusing new ways. This mechanism is not new. Its roots are ancient and the scheme is intentional.

Any people that share a common language, but use words to convey drastically varying ideas, become hopelessly divided and unable to resolve any important problem. Such is the case in the United States today. The cunningly deceptive perversion of words and ideas for political purposes has become endemic in our culture.

One shining example of the widespread abuse of language is illustrated in debates over the D.A.C.A. program. The Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order was an effort to implement an unacceptable policy by circumventing Congress. It was constitutionally illegitimate, if not illegal. Now that President Trump has vowed to end D.A.C.A., many Democrats and even some Republicans are running afoul of intellectual honesty in presenting their objections and public statements.

President Trump has been viciously mischaracterized as being heartless, mean-spirited, cruel, callous and worse, for no other reason than the fact that his administration is enforcing legitimate U.S. law. That is his constitutionally-defined role. Recently, a few thoughtless Republicans have framed the deportation of D.A.C.A. children brought to the United States illegally by their parents as “punishing the children for the crimes of their parents.”

Just nine years ago, candidate Obama employed this same pathology when he defended his callous abortion opinion, “I don’t want my daughter punished with a baby.” Now, virtually any adversity that a person may suffer, including enforcement of criminal law and the consequences of one’s own poor choices, can and will be defined as punishment. The stupefacient perversion of words for political purposes by many of our fellow citizens and leaders represents a dangerous departure from reality.

Liberals and socialist Democrats deceive masses by redefining words habitually and by design. Few dare to challenge them. Nowhere else but in a mendacious mind can a 2000-year moral freefall be described as “progressive,” God’s gift of children be maligned as “punishment,” and defense of the American people be disparaged as “mean-spirited.” But such is the dark culture in which we live.

Innumerable political fallacies are foisted upon the public based upon false premises. Indeed, politics is the only field in which lying and deceit are not only acceptable, they are celebrated as virtues.

Former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, opposed the tax reduction efforts of conservatives using the inane argument that tax-cuts must be “paid for.” Many ignorant voters accepted the ridiculous non-sequitur and some thoughtlessly repeated it. Because it was effective once, Democrats continue to regurgitate the same absurd lie against Republicans who seek to reduce the excessive waste of taxpayer funds.

Through the intentional misuse and abuse of language, liberals darken the minds of youth and the morally-ill. Every kind of lethal and dangerous ideology thrives under cover of darkness, and liberals extinguish the light of many through confusion and obfuscation.

Lies are as effective as warfare in destroying a nation, but only against an ignorant populace. The church of liberalism has no workable ideas, no effective policies to promote, and no moral or ethical credibility. Its only remaining tools with which to destroy America are incessant lies and hate-saturated denigration. The majority of news media agents have become self-styled missionaries in the sinister congregation of fake news and false information that define their Democrat associates.

Knowledge of the truth carries with it, an obligation to carry its light into the deepest, darkest crevasses of the world. It may hurt the eyes of those who have become accustomed to the dark, but the temporary discomfort soon fades away.

American culture is corrupt, putrid and dark, in part, because too many of us place a higher value on subjective feelings than objective truth. Sin and death are permitted to thrive when they are not fully exposed to the sanitizing effect of the light of truth.

Confront every lie. Challenge every fallacy. Expose every compromise. Then, lives will be transformed, souls will be healed, America will be restored and God will be glorified for the benefit of all.


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