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Eastern Middle School reward

Listen Up School Officials: Thou Shalt Not Reward Straight A’s


Public educators can’t do anything right, even when they try.

Last week school officials at Eastern Middle School decided to reward straight-A students by throwing an exclusive party for them. Because the explicit purpose of the party was to recognize and reward straight-A students, students who didn’t get straight A’s were not invited.

What flabbergasted me was that this happened in ultra-lib Montgomery County, Maryland.

Well, the nooze media weren’t going to take that lying down. “Reporters” descended on the school to denounce the unfairness of it all. Oh, they asked sharp questions! Make those sixth-graders squirm! “Don’t you think this was unfair to the kids who weren’t invited to the party? Don’t you think it made them feel left out? Don’t you think it hurt them terribly?” There’s a Fox News clip floating around the Internet in which a “reporter” sticks her mike in the little kid’s face and asks, “Does this make you think you’re smart?”

So… if the “educators” reward kids for high achievement, they’re “promoting elitism”… and if they don’t, then they’re encouraging mediocrity. They can’t win.

But the answer to this problem is simple and obvious.

Just throw more parties.

One for kids with a B average, one for kids with a C average, another for Ds, and finally, a special party for kids who get straight F’s–parties for everyone. You’d think a party for the F Troop would be a natural for Montgomery County.

What lesson do you suppose this incident has taught the children at Eastern Middle School?


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