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Pastors Work Toward Tar-Healing


Charlotte has been ground zero for bad policy, with the ripple effects of its SOGI ordinance felt across the state and arguably the nation. Of course, bad policy is the offspring of bad politicians and the city council is full of them. However, Watchmen Pastors met at the Billy Graham Library to pray and talk strategy to change all of that. Their theme verse was “Seek peace and well-being for the city where I have sent you…for in its well-being you will prosper.” (Jer. 29:7).

Encouraged by the primary defeat of Mayor Jennifer Roberts, who had been endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, participants were emboldened to engage their churches to register to vote, become educated on the mayoral and council candidates, and vote their values. “Men of God,” Watchman Pastor Bishop Larry Jackson cheered, “thank you for supporting our efforts to flip the city of Charlotte!”

Convened by Bishop Jackson and joined by other Watchmen like Dr. Mark Harris and Leon Threatt, Tami Fitzgerald of North Carolina Values and others laid out plans to make a positive impact on the direction of these upcoming elections. “We believe there are five candidates who can be seated on the council with our values on both sides of the aisle,” Bishop Jackson said afterward. Among those in attendance were pastors of the 10 largest African American churches in North Carolina. Let’s pray they are successful.


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