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Three Days of Protests in St. Louis in Wake of Stockley Verdict


St. Louis, Mo. — It was another violent weekend in America as demonstrators took to the streets in St. Louis to protest the acquittal of former Police Officer Jason Stockley in the 2011 shooting of 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith.

Fox News Reported:

A small group of protesters who refused to disperse Saturday night clashed with cops as protests turned violent for a second night in a row.

The protesters broke windows at dozens of businesses and threw objects at police, who moved in and made nine arrests. More than 30 protesters were arrested Friday.

Radio talk show host Kevin Jackson told “Fox & Friends” Sunday that the protests weren’t helpful.

“These types of incidents don’t help” in trying to prevent St. Louis’ issues, which include a shrinking population and businesses leaving the city, he said. “The root cause is that young black kids don’t have their fathers, their families.”

The degradation of the American family unit is to blame for a great many societal evils facing America today.

Larry Elder recently echoed these sentiments:

The issue of broken homes transcends race and is exacerbated by the lgbtq communities intentional destruction of the traditional family.

Parents, stay together, for your kids sake. You don’t want them gunned down by over aggressive police or involved in the rioting that seems all to commonplace afterwards these days.

If our sons and daughters spent a little more time over our knee, they’d spend a lot  less time on the end of a police baton, or worse.

Don’t blame the police, blame yourself.


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