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Matt Barber Endorses New Book ‘The Health Hazards of Homosexuality’

Recently, Barbwire’s namesake, Owner and Founder, Matt Barber, had the opportunity to review and endorse MassResistance‘s new book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. Foreword by Brian Camenker, Executive Director of MassResistance.

Mr. Barber stated:

What was missing in the national debate on same-sex “marriage”? What is missing now when LGBT curriculum and “gay” clubs in schools are established? The answer: honest discussion of the health risks connected to LGBT identities, lifestyle, and sexual practices. Why has this obvious issue been ignored? Because it is so difficult to confront. The lifestyles and practices are in fact extremely distasteful and unnatural, and no one wants to contemplate them. Furthermore, reliable information on this issue is very hard to find. So we all just shrugged our shoulders and hoped for the best.

Thankfully, the research team at MassResistance has pulled this information together for us. The Health Hazards of Homosexualityaddresses the public health aspect of homosexuality. Its secular viewpoint is especially useful and cannot be dismissed by adversaries as coming from a particular religious viewpoint. The book hands us ammunition in our ongoing fight to revive the conservative values which will keep our society healthy — both physically and spiritually.
There is nothing else out there like this book. I highly recommend it!  (Sept. 2017)

About the book.

The mainstreaming and normalization of homosexuality has created a public health crisis affecting us all. Meanwhile, the media gives little attention to the broader crisis, and the medical authorities deliver mixed messages to those at high risk – especially young people. There is an astoundingly disproportionate incidence of medical and psychological pathologies among homosexual men, lesbians, and bisexuals.

Yet the general public knows little about the baneful nature of homosexuality and its associated addictions and behaviors that invite disease. This book brings together information from widely dispersed and hard-to-find sources, summarizing recent medical and psychological research in laymen’s terms. Sources include the Centers for Disease Control, medical professional groups, published medical research, media reports, plus LGBT medical and advocacy groups – all documented in 1,800 endnotes with up-to-date links.

Topics include:

• Why homosexuality is a public health issue, and not just a private issue
• The politicized medical and mental health establishments
• The “born gay” myth: homosexuality is not innate
• How many identify as “gay”, lesbian, or bisexual
• The mental health issues: depression, anxiety, suicidality, substance use, partner abuse, and BDSM (bondage/sexual sadomasochism)
• The self-harming lifestyles and sexual practices of homosexual men and lesbians
• The disproportionate disease incidence among “gays”, lesbians, and bisexuals
• Why homosexuals have shortened lifespans, chronic conditions, lower quality of life
• How HIV/AIDS is re-emerging as an epidemic among homosexual men
• The “safer sex” lie and other mixed messages from the medical establishment
• How the CDC is spreading false optimism on HIV drug treatments
• Bisexuals have the highest incidence of pathologies
• How lesbians and heterosexuals are imitating unsafe homosexual male practices
​• The psychological and medical issues of transgenderism
​• Child abuse: interventions supporting “transgender” identities in youth

About the Authors – The Mass Resistance Research Team

MassResistance began in 1995 in Massachusetts as Parents’ Rights Coalition, focused on preserving parental rights over their children’s exposure to inappropriate “sex ed” in the schools. Later as Article 8 Alliance, the group made a valiant attempt to halt the unconstitutional Massachusetts “gay marriage” court ruling of 2003, and its illegal implementation by Governor Mitt Romney. The name MassResistance was adopted in 2005 in recognition of the perilous times we had entered, especially regarding the abrogation of parental rights, the LGBT curriculum in the schools, the broader silencing of free speech, and lawless governance. MassResistance now has activists and supporters in all 50 states and over a dozen foreign countries. The organization’s research staff compiled the book. The Foreword is by Brian Camenker, Executive Director of MassResistance.

Read the other endorsements.

Michelle Cretella, MD, President, American College of Pediatricians
John R. Diggs, Jr., MD (Massachusetts), author of “The Health Risks of Gay Sex”
Paul A. Church, MD, Urologist; Asst. Clinical Professor of Surgery (part-time), Harvard Medical School
Michael L. Brown, PhD, host, “Line of Fire” radio show; author of A Queer Thing Happened to America; Outlasting the Gay Revolution; and Can You Be Gay and Christian?
​Cliff Kincaid, America’s Survival
Arthur Goldberg, Co-Director of the American-based Jewish Institute for Global Awareness, (JIFGA), former Co-Director of JONAH, Inc.
Dr. Scott Lively, Defend The Family, Pastor, Attorney, and Author, Redeeming the Rainbow and The Pink Swastika
Diane Gramley, President, American Family Association-Pennsylvania
Lori Porter, MAT, MBA, Director, Parents’ Rights in Education, Oregon
Linda Harvey,; columnist,
Janice Graham, Standard of Liberty blog

Please pick up a copy of The Health Hazards of Homosexuality here


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