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NFL Players Take a Knee Screen Shot

The NFL — Also Known As The National Fraternity of Losers


The NFL commissioner says we must try to understand players who take a knee.

The flag stands for freedom, bought by the blood of Patriots. We stand during the anthem to honor them and to express our appreciation for the freedom and opportunity they purchased by their sacrifice.

NFL players enjoy tremendous freedom, opportunity and prosperity, thanks to the shed blood of Patriots who died for that flag, for all it represents, for all it provides.  Taking a knee during the anthem is nothing more than spitting in the face of Patriots, deeply offensive and disrespectful.

We stand and salute to honor and support the principles acted upon by the Founders to secure our liberty. We stand with Patriots for the sake of patriotism, setting all controversy aside during that sacred time when we honor our country, and our fellow citizens, in unity.

Taking a knee during the anthem is nothing more than giving the finger to the flag, the Constitution, the Declaration and to fellow citizens. It is an act of self-centered disregard for what is best in America, an act offering nothing constructive, and everything destructive.

The great and effective reformers—-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Frederick Douglass and others—-were patriots.  They would never take a knee.  Instead they got to work, by faith, to accomplish great and hard-won reforms, remaining patriots.


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