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Right Wing Watch 2

Right Wing Watch: Left Wing Surveillance vs. Prayer Surveillance


Right Wing Watch has been busy collecting statements from conservatives to “expose” them to its left wing audience in the United States, in the hope that other far left-wingers may attack conservatives.


According to WND, People for the American Way (PFAW) is “an atheist socialist organization which, through publications like its ‘Right Wing Watch,’ dedicates itself to the destruction of conservatives in general.”

According to its website, Right Wing Watch has a special mission to attack conservatives opposed to the gay agenda, abortion and Muslim ideology.

For years, Right Wing Watch has been monitoring and collecting my statements on a regular basis. Its surveillance frequency seems to be increasing. In September 6, 2017, Right Wing Watch collected and “exposed” my comment:

“Julio Severo continues to insist that Hurricane Harvey was God’s punishment on America for selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.”

Right Wing Watch hopes that, by exposing my comment, American far left-wingers may be warned to not read and believe my articles — and also criticize them, as the “Die Hard Democrat” did recently.

And on September 6, 2017, Right Wing Watch made available the following collection of conservative statements that are annoying its left-wing mindset:

Trump Could Be Jesus And The Media Would Still Hate Him

By Kyle Mantyla

Robert Jeffress says that President Trump is “one of the most compassionate people I have ever been around.”

David Kubal of Intercessors for America says that God is using hurricanes to tell us that “everything is broken, we need a Savior, we must pray and God is merciful.”

Scott Lively warns that “‘gay theology’ has always been satanic bait to lure those with same-sex attraction into lives of active homosexual sin. It is also a seductive siren-song for ex-‘gays’ in the weak moments of their recovery.”

Julio Severo has a prayer for America: “Let us pray that the homosexual sin may be seen and felt in U.S. society in its offensive reality. Let us pray prophesying the defeat of the multi-billion-dollar homosexual industry’s greed in the U.S.”

Finally, James Robison says that Trump “could walk on water, raise the dead, heal the blind, perform miracle after miracle and he would still be hated by today’s liberal media.”

Considering that its intent is to expose everything I write, Right Wing Watch should also warn its left-wing audience that I have a book on Amazon on prayer: “Prophetic Prayers.”

According to the American Left, the evangelicals are the main conservative power in Brazil, and I am a Brazilian evangelical — targeted by the U.S. Left. Evangelicals have also been the main Trump supporters.

I am making this text available to Brazilian and American evangelical intercessors so that they may pray for far left-wingers who are monitoring me and other conservative Christians.

Prayer can change everything — even far left-wingers.

Portuguese version of this article: Monitoração da esquerda versus monitoração de oração


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