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Trump Administration Aims to Put Families First with Child Tax Credit


President Trump has joked that his daughter is proof he can’t be that bad of a guy — and on issues like tax reform, having Ivanka around certainly helps. For the last two years, the young mom has been helping to drive her dad’s plan, especially when it comes to helping families afford the care they’d like to provide for their children.

On the campaign trail, Ivanka was a regular fixture on the issue. “At the heart of this policy,” she explained in a thoughtful op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, “is the belief that every parent should have the freedom to make the best decisions for his or her family. My father is prepared to chart a new course that promotes strong families and celebrates their individual needs; one that honors, respects and empowers both working and stay-at-home mothers and caregivers.” With the White House teeing up major tax reform in Congress, Ivanka is putting the spotlight where it belongs: on families.

At a meeting of conservative groups yesterday, the president’s daughter reiterated her commitment to a plan that would give parents the flexibility they need to make the best decision for their children. For years, liberals have implied through that moms who sacrifice and care for their kids themselves are somehow less valuable than moms who work for pay. But why does the tax code have to take sides at all? Why not give parents the ability to decide what’s best for their own family? Government doesn’t know best — and it certainly doesn’t do best when it comes to children.

“This administration is pushing for the largest child tax credit possible,” Ivanka told the leaders assembled. The White House, she went on, “would also like to see it be made refundable against payroll taxes, so that more lower income families can fully benefit from the credit.” FRC, who was the first to lobby for a child tax credit, has been eager to increase it. Right now, the IRS starts tapering off the tax relief credit based on your income and number of kids. Wednesday, Ivanka hinted that she’d like to see the credit doubled, potentially to $2,000 per child. “The issue of child care was central to the campaign and remains a key priority for this administration. This administration is committed to keeping working families at the forefront of our agenda.”

As former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum has said, families should be viewed as “the ultimate small business in America.” As FRC’s research bears out, the intact married family is the most powerful economic engine there is. But lately, there’s been an erosion of the openness to children — which is driven by at least two things: the radical sexual revolution we’re experiencing (courtesy of groups like Planned Parenthood) and government policies that deemphasize family and increase dependency. We can’t wait for the economy to get better to focus on the family, we need to focus on the family to get the economy healthy. Thank goodness the Trumps get it!


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