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The Fall of Rome

Rome Fell Because of the Very Mistakes the USA Is Making Now


Things change. But not always for the better. You’d think people who change things would want it to be for the better. Go figure.

Change doesn’t just happen. Changes are wrought intentionally. Even unintended consequences are the result of intentional acts.

For example, Rome fell. That obviously was an unintended consequence, at least as far as Romans were concerned. But it was the result of a long series of deliberate – which is to say intentional – acts committed by Romans that brought it about.

In his “American Minute,” author William J. Federer gives a concise account of the intentional acts leading to the unintentional fall of Rome, drawing on the work of noted historians Will and Ariel Durant:

“Illegal immigrants poured across the Roman borders… If Rome had not engulfed so many men of alien blood in so brief a time, if she had passed all these newcomers through her schools instead of her slums, if she had treated them as men with a hundred potential excellences, if she had occasionally closed her gates to let assimilation catch up with infiltration, she might have gained new racial and literary vitality from the infusion, and might have remained a Roman Rome, the voice and citadel of the West.”

Instead, as the Durants recounted, immigrants who at first assimilated and learned the Latin language came so fast they did not learn Latin. “The unity of the Roman Empire began to dissolve.”

“Starting in 123 BC, the immensely powerful Roman politician, Gaius Gracchus began appeasing citizens with welfare, a monthly hand-out of a free dole (handout) of grain.”

Can that historical account be read without seeing the parallels to our own nation and our own time?

Illegal aliens flooding across the border, unable to speak the language, having few skills to contribute, refusing to assimilate, reliant on government handouts, creating slums and crime. Rome. The USA.

Although the Left enjoys and encourages all this, most Americans didn’t intend these outcomes. Nevertheless, most Americans have been complicit in permitting these consequences by their own intentional acts.

We are a nation of representative government, which means what it does, we do. And government has refused to enforce border security, encouraged illegal immigration by dangling welfare, health care and other free benefits, permitted alien children to enroll in public schools without requiring them to master English, eagerly facilitated hiring low-skilled immigrants to work for lower pay than American natives, tolerated resultant gang violence and the consequential deterioration of major cities.

How much more like a Third World slum can America become before it suffers the same outcome as Rome?

But that’s not all. Change is accelerating. And it’s not limited to demographics. Just as demographic change is the result of intentional acts, so too are changes in culture, morality and ethics. And they are accelerating just as fast.

Not too many years ago it would have been unthinkable to expect a man with a penis to insist that he’s a woman and for institutions from churches to businesses to government to rush to agree.

How would the first 200 years of Americans have looked at the contemporary claim that to combat racism, black students must exclude white students from their organizations?

When did the idea take over that there’s no meaningful difference between men and women, making them for all intents and purposes interchangeable? Suggest otherwise in a corporate setting and get a pink slip, as Google recently demonstrated.

Where did it all go wrong? How were so many bad decisions made, oblivious to their destructive consequences? The answer is step by step. Incrementally.

The change often began with the best of intentions. But the true motive was cowardice.

The desire to be compassionate, tolerant and understanding are all good intentions. But they also have been the first tiny steps to accommodate depravity, sin and evil. The cowardice was the fear of saying aloud that the proposed changes were wrong, for fear of being judged sanctimonious.

What could go wrong by recognizing the “right” of one man to marry another man? Love is a good thing, right? It’s their own business, right? Who are we to judge? But men aren’t meant to marry men. When you depart from what’s normal and accommodate the abnormal, why are we surprised that it leads to gross depravity – and demands for even more absurd changes?

As a result of such well-intentioned acts, careers, reputations and even freedoms now are at great risk for anyone with the temerity to suggest out loud that homosexuality is wrong, a sin or an abomination before God. An unintended consequence of intentional acts rooted in a misguided sense of compassion, tolerance and understanding has resulted in suppressing God’s truth.

Let that sink in. Intending to do good resulted in denying good as God sees it.

Like the proverbial frog in a slow boiling pot, Americans have been immersed in cultural poison, oblivious to its deadly effects on the culture. Occasionally, some awaken to wonder, “How did this happen?”

But the same pressures that subtly coerced their initial intentional acts of faux compassion now serve to suppress their disagreement. Even after people become aware of how bad things have gotten, they have lost the courage to say so.

Christian author C.S. Lewis once said that human history is “the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.” That’s a pretty good description of the process the U.S. has traveled for half a century.

According to Lewis, the process results in this: “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

We intentionally change. Then wonder what happened. We have met the enemy. Guess who he is.


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