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EMW Womens Surgical Center

Planned Parenthood Wants Abortion Legal, But Not Rare or Safe


Abortion may be debatable, but safety shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, liberals in Kentucky don’t see it that way. There, radical groups like Planned Parenthood are joining a suit to keep the state’s only abortion clinic from adopting the legislature’s 19-year-old safety standards. Instead of giving women protection from profit-first abortionists, liberals want to subject mothers to clinics with looser regulations than a public pool.

Since 1998, when Kentucky first passed their requirements, most abortion centers chose to close their doors rather than give women the reliable care they deserve. Now, EMW Women’s Surgical Center is taking that fight to court, where they hope to stop Kentucky from becoming the only state without an abortion center. If that happens, conservatives argue, it will be the clinics’ fault — not pro-lifers’. “[The requirements] are important measures for ensuring women have the proper life-saving procedures in place in the event of an emergency,” said a spokeswoman for Governor Matt Bevin’s (R) office. “Essentially all health-care facilities in Kentucky are required to have such agreements, and it is telling that the abortion industry believes that it alone should be exempt.”

Instead, groups like Planned Parenthood want to send women back to the dark ages of health care, where abortionists can continue cutting corners on basic safety to save a buck. All the law requires is that these facilities have transfer agreements with a local hospital and an ambulance service in the event of medical emergency. But even that’s too much for abortion centers, who insist there’s no “medical justification” for the standards.

Jennifer Morbelli’s family would beg to differ. She bled to death in an emergency room in Gaithersburg, Maryland when doctors couldn’t get a hold of her abortionist. Transfer privileges like Kentucky’s are absolutely vital because they let hospitals set rules on availability for consulting and expedited record-sharing in case of emergencies. There’s nothing controversial about Kentucky’s law to anyone except the far-Left. According to a survey from the Knights of Columbus last year, an overwhelming majority of Americans — 81 percent — support significant restrictions on abortion. This shouldn’t be a pro-life or pro-choice issue. Women deserve access to safe and conscientious care, period.

If EMW Women’s Surgical Center has the money to sue the state, then it has more than enough to make these arrangements. The truth is, they don’t want to meet these standards. They’d rather put profits in their pockets than care in their clinics — even if it means the difference between life or death for the women who enter them. Every abortion facility in Kentucky had the opportunity to upgrade their standards. The fact that so few were willing to says more about the industry than it does about the constitutionality of the law.


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