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Trump’s DACA Decision Preserves the American Dream


The Trump Administration’s decision to end the DACA program, on Constitutional grounds, is the right thing, done in the right way, for the right reason. His hate-filled critics will raise an outcry that entirely ignores this fact. They will plead the case for compassion and consideration in dealing with the young people Obama claimed to serve. But in announcing the decision, Attorney General Sessions emphasized the simple truth—the primordial sworn duty of officials in the United States Government is to uphold the Constitution of the United States. This cannot be done unless the Constitution’s provisions are respected, beginning especially with the allocation of power and responsibility to each branch of government. It is not enough to pursue policy goals, however worthy. Policies must be made pursuant to the Constitutions and laws of the United States.

The individual occupying the White House may see deficiencies in the performance of the US Government that adversely affect individuals. But when a President moves to remedy those deficiencies without warrant of laws composed, debated and approved by Congress, what purportedly helps individuals grievously harms the American people as a whole. Such executive actions pave the way to government by supposedly popular dictatorship—the very form of tyranny Americans adamantly fought against in the 20th century. Many thousands of Americans lost their lives in that fight. Many hundreds of billions of dollars were expended to wage it successfully.

That fight continues to this very day, as our nation wages war against the practice of terrorism. Terrorism applies the fearful principle of despotism in its starkest terms. Today the excuse of Islamic religious zeal masks a bid to replace governments based on persuasion, and the orderly consent of the people, with government by terrifying violence, and the fear it engenders. It makes no sense to pretend that we are extending the American dream of freedom, rightly used, to young newcomers from abroad, if and when we do so by discarding the Constitution.

Because it implements their self-government the Constitution is the focal point of that dream for all Americans of good will. It is the token of their responsible commitment to use the power they constitute as a community in pursuit of justice (the equal treatment of each and all, by and under the law) as they exercise the right use of freedom, which is liberty.

Since its inception, the Ameriican Republic has attracted people throughout the world who respond to the challenge of proving humanity’s capacity for liberty. Their participation contributed greatly to the material blessings our nation has enjoyed. But I noted years ago that

…the American dream wasn’t just about material advancement. It was a dream of freedom. Tycoons and stockjobbers were not its only heroes. They were also colonists from Europe who traded houses and jobs in developed cities and towns for the hardship of life in a wilderness. They were families who exchange comfortable city life in the East for a dangerous westward trek in covered wagons across the plains. They were men who died thirsting in the great American desert, and woman who gave up frills and fancy dresses for days working their fingers to the bone. Most of these people weren’t guaranteed a better future, in material terms, than the one they left behind. Some sought riches, to be sure. But others sought the right to worship God in their own way, or to build communities in which they themselves could make the decisions and the laws. (Alan Keyes, Masters of the Dream)

President Trump’s decision to end Obama’s unconstitutional maneuver unlawfully to “favor” so-called dreamers is thus in strict accordance with his sworn oath to preserve the Constitution. So is his challenge to members of Congress, in postponing implementation of the decision for long enough to afford its members one more opportunity to formulate and approve legislation that would reflect our nation’s commitment to respect the aspirations our way of life inspires throughout the world; without sacrificing our security, or the integrity of our Constitutional sovereignty as a people.

Instead of fomenting hateful conflict and even violence in response to President Trump’s effort to give this policy a constitutional basis, members of Congress should consult their constituents and work together—cooperating with the President to produce a result that reflects both the good sense and good will of our nation. This is one of those issues being exploited by the enemies of our self-government to divide and disintegrate us. They aim to eliminate our example as a nation of nations, offering hope for the common future of humanity. Rather than playing factious, partisan games, let us attend to the business of that humanity—both in the way we approach the individuals Obama’s false demarche brought into our midst, and in the way we remember and serve our identity as a people. Thus, we will demonstrate that we are still dedicated to responsible self-government, not just for ourselves, but for all the people whose goodwill our nation was born to inspire and, ultimately, come to represent.


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