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‘Die Hard Democrat’ Criticizes Julio Severo for Not Blaming Hurricane Harvey on Global Warming


Writing in a website called “Die Hard Democrat,” left-wing Jeremy Berg is annoyed because in my article “Judgment on Houston and Warning to America?” I did not blame Hurricane Harvey on global warming.

In his article titled “Right-Winger Has Odd Explanation For Why Harvey Happened,” Berg said,

“Trump-supporting members of the far right cannot see how climate change could have played a role in Hurricane Harvey. Instead, they have been ascribing all manner of divine warnings and messages to the storm. One right-wing writer just came up with a particularly far-fetched and specific reason for why he feels God made Harvey happen.”

Then he cites my name and shows my picture.

As far as Trump is committed to his campaign speech against neocons, against abortion and does no compromise on the homosexual agenda, I can be labeled a “Trump supporter.” Whenever he is not faithful to his own speech, I am just an evangelical Christian faithful to Jesus Christ. (Evangelicals were the main voting base for Trump.)

I am not a “die-hard Republican,” but I am a die-hard Christian.

If far left-wingers have a right to blame Hurricane Harvey on global warming, or its current label “climate change,” without being smeared by the mainstream press, why cannot Christians offer their view on destructive storms?

The “Die Hard Democrat” website understands that there would be no problem only if, instead of a possible divine judgement, I used its sacred cow “climate change” as a reason.

Why cannot there be an interpretation of possible judgement regarding Harvey? In my view, the “coincidences” are too many to dismiss such possibility.

In his 2016 campaign, when Trump was a pioneer with his speeches against neocons and Islam, I saw him as the only candidate and American who could deliver America from her prostitution with Saudi Arabia, which is the main sponsor of the Islamic terrorism around the world.

Yet, Trump as president has not been match for his brave 2016 speeches. In his first international trip, he chose Saudi Arabia as his first visit.

He sold US$ 110 billion in military equipment to Saudi Arabia. White House claimed this sale represented the “largest single arms deal in U.S. history.” This was bloody money, because the Saudi-sponsored international terrorism also slaughters Christians.

Trump bragged about the deal, “Tremendous investments in the United States. Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs.” Bloody jobs.

Separately, U.S. companies in the oil center gained, in the Trump visit, US$ 22 billion in new deals with the state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco.

Yet, the bloody profits went down the drain. The profits of the U.S. military deal with the Saudis, which was the “largest single arms deal in U.S. history,” were virtually lost because of Hurricane Harvey, which hit hard Texas late August 2017 and was “the most destructive storm system to ever wreak havoc on the United States,” according to Shane Hubbard, a researcher from the University of Wisconsin’s Space Science and Engineering Center.

Harvey was a 1-in-1,000-year flood, according to scientific data.

Hubbard said, “I’ve never seen anything of this magnitude or size. This is something that hasn’t happened in our modern era of observations.”

Because it is considered a 1,000-year event, the chances of Harvey happening in any given year is 0.1 percent.

“Or, a better way to think about it is that 99.9 percent of the time, such an event will never happen,” Hubbard said.

The Harvey devastation in Texas hit especially the petrochemical industry. While Gulf Coast chemical plants are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and floods, they were not prepared for super-Hurricane Harvey.

In a headline titled “Harvey Has Made the World’s Most Important Chemical a Rare Commodity,” Bloomberg said:

Few Americans care about ethylene. Many have probably never heard of it. As it turns out, this colorless, flammable gas is arguably the most important petrochemical on the planet — and much of it comes from the hurricane-stricken Gulf Coast. Ethylene is one of the big reasons the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey in the chemical communities along the Gulf of Mexico is likely to ripple through U.S. manufacturing of essential items from milk jugs to mattresses. ‘Ethylene really is the major petrochemical that impacts the entire industry,’ said Chirag Kothari, an analyst at consultant Nexant.

The most important U.S. refineries are exactly where Harvey hit hard. Port Arthur, in Texas, is considered the crown jewel of the US refinery system. The Port Arthur facility can process 600,000 barrels of oil per day, making it the largest refinery in North America. Harvey stopped it.

Under the Trump administration, Muslim Saudis took 100% control of the sprawling Port Arthur refinery on May. Now Saudi Arabia is the owner of America’s largest oil refinery. Port Arthur was one of the hardest hit by Harvey. Coincidence?

One week ago, a CNBC headline said that if Harvey’s uninsured losses top $150 billion, the whole U.S. economy would hurt.

This week Texas Governor Greg Abbott estimated damage from Hurricane Harvey at $150 billion to $180 billion, calling it more costly than epic hurricanes Katrina or Sandy and fueling a debate over how to pay for the disaster.

The U.S. economy has been hurt. Coincidence or not, it was hurt after Trump made a bloody deal with the Saudis, by selling over $100 billion in arms to Muslims engaged in wars and slaughters against Christians.

It is hard to believe that it was a coincidence. It is hard to believe that Harvey was a result of “climate change.”

Even so, “Die Hard Democrat” and Right Wing Watch, of People for the American Way, are annoyed with my Christian view. Right Wing Watch just loves to attack me regularly.

Yet, they would fully praise me if I were a die-hard Democrat and far left-winger, just as they are, blaming Harvey on global warming.

Thank God, I am a die-hard conservative evangelical Christian who does not believe in the fairy tale of global warming or climate change. I believe that, by reinforcing the National Day of Prayer for the United States, Trump can, by personal and national repentance, lead the United States to face its sinful realities and change course before other judgments as super-Hurricane Harvey happen.

The United States needs independence from Saudi Arabia and from neocons as John McCain. It is a national shame that the largest U.S. refinery is owned by the Saudis, who, with Obama and Hillary Clinton, created ISIS, which has committed genocide against Christians in the Middle East. Without repentance and independence, more “judgments” (which far left-wingers call “global warming effects”) will come.

With information from “Die Hard Democrat,” Bloomberg, DailyMail, Reuters, WND and CNN.

Portuguese version of this article: Socialista obstinado critica Julio Severo por não culpar o aquecimento global pelo Furacão Harvey


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