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Is the Pope Catholic? He Hears the Cry of the Earth?


I’m beginning to have my doubts about that. But even more to the point, is his head screwed on quite right?

Dig this latest quote from the Red Pope, Francis I: ‘Listen to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor who suffer most because of the unbalanced ecology.’

The cry of the Earth? Whose theology is that?

As for the cry of the poor–well, Sunshine, it’s capitalism that raises standards of living throughout the world, capitalism and technological progress: like building things, bringing in modern machinery, cleaning up the water, growing more abundant crops.

But you and your Climbit Change cronies, you’re the ones who want to stop all that! Tell me how “the poor” are supposed to get clean water and up-to-date medical care if they’re not going to be allowed the amenities of modern life. Look at Venezuela, dude! I mean, you guys are always rattling on about “Science,” and yet you want to take away our cars, our air conditioning, our private homes, and our toilet paper, for crying out loud–things that “the poor” would really like to have, if only you and the other globalist big shots would allow it.

The choice is not between living like 12th century Scottish peasants or polluting the earth to death and we’re all gonna die etc. Nor is everything going to turn out hunky-dory if we sign away our liberties and grow government bigger, more powerful, more intrusive, and more high-handed than it’s even been–while incidentally making you and your pals richer and more powerful than you ever dared to hope.

The choice is between listening to your B.S. or going about our business like sane people while completely ignoring you.

Not a hard choice to make.


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