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Demagoguery: The Monumental Battle


Decades of socio-political deception, craven indulgence and moral cowardice have combined to create the horrors that we witness today. Lawmakers routinely violate and impede enforcement of the very laws they enact. Administration officials leak classified national defense secrets to hostile foreign powers in exchange for huge financial kickbacks to themselves. Supreme Court Justices exceed their authority and violate the Constitution. None are held to account.

Some blame politics, but politics is not the root problem in itself. Politics is merely a vehicle, used by some as an ideological battering ram with which to breach the barriers that safeguard innocent people from the dreadful ideas that would harm or enslave them. The deep division that exists in America today is a growing chasm between those who recognize the need for limits on freedom and those who demand endorsement of their favorite brand of depravity.

The early warnings of America’s founders have been ignored and forgotten and the result is being felt in city streets, on college campuses, and is misinterpreted by our media. No longer can the American people trust that anything they see and hear on nightly news programs is accurate or true.

Just last week, a Missouri Democrat and state senator, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, said that she hoped someone would assassinate President Trump. One week before, Virginia was the focal point of politically-orchestrated rage created by the actions of the Democrat Charlottesville City Council, which resulted in the deaths of three people there. For the past nine months, Democrat anarchists have been wildly attacking anything and everything that might be perceived as having a connection to President Trump.

The American left is deranged and desperate. Devoid of ideas, solutions or a reason to exist, Democrat politicians and their flocks of paid protesters organized by Grassroots, Inc. and other fanatic forces, have been busy running amok in an effort to overturn the 2016 presidential election. For now, Confederate monuments are the convenient straw-men hypocritically bashed by the party that authored Jim Crow laws and established the K.K.K.

While it may be abhorrent to observe and repugnant to hear, the on-going charade of feigned outrage does not portend an endless dark future for America. On the contrary, the Democrat party and Bernie Sanders’ socialists are coughing up the last sickening gasps of their own insidious diseases. Fomentation of racial hatred and fraudulent hysteria cannot continue indefinitely. Demagoguery eventually ceases to be effective as people become weary of the high emotional cost it requires.

Meanwhile, there is reason for hope. The American left is now identifying itself openly, unable to disguise its real nature. Former President, Lyndon Johnson set the Democrat party on its present course with godless domestic policies and his dubious excuse to engage the U.S. military in Viet Nam–a war he was not committed to winning. The price of his recklessness was paid with precious blood and decades of misery.

Subsequent liberal presidents forfeited all remaining moral authority the D.N.C. once held. In just eight years, Barack Hussein Obama reversed fifty years of progress toward racial harmony purely for the sake of fleeting political advantage. Present circumstances offer a unique opportunity for the American people to demonstrate that they do not need anyone in Washington or New York to tell them who they are, what they believe or how they think.

The legacy of the Clinton-Obama Democrat party is death, depravity and defiance. Democrats sponsor death through abortion mills with 60 million people killed in the U.S. since 1973. There are no monuments to honor their sacrifices. Democrats own depravity through promotion of same-sex unions, transgender restrooms and adoption of the sinister LGBTQ agenda. They own defiance of truth and open hostility to everything good and noble that the United States is and has produced.

President Trump has been actively and consistently working to right the nation and reduce the burden of government. He deserves our full support in this effort. Donald Trump is routinely opposed, slandered and maligned with incessant lies and vile false charges raised by fake-news media hacks, spineless Republicans and corrupt self-styled “moderates.” America must be restored as a free republic ruled by law and governed by the will of the governed. No alternative future exists for the United States.

If ever there was a time for people to rebuild bridges that divisive politicians have torn down, it is now. Christians, especially, should do all that we can to reach across political barriers into segregated churches, neighborhoods and communities for God’s glory and national unity. The love of God is the only effective balm capable of healing the wounds of hate and division perpetrated by the godless left.

The truth is that monuments to Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were commissioned, funded and placed by Democrats who ran the South for most of century that followed the Civil War. Those on the right go wrong when they allow the left to avoid facing their own true legacy. It’s their history; let them own it. Now is the time for the American people to stop fighting the first Civil War and seize the opportunity to avoid a second.


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