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A Rally in Charlottesville and a Rally in Boston: Law Enforcement Set the Tone


I listened today, with great irritation, to a Fox news “twosome” pontificating about the relative “peacefulness” of a free-speech rally in Boston, Massachusetts, as compared to the mayhem during an earlier, similar rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The talking-heads seemed to have no clue as to the reason for the peacefulness. The reason is a law-enforcement presence in Boston that meant business.

There was certainly no difference in the hate-filled, anti-Trump-deranged masses who turned their violence on the “Unite the Right” protesters in Virginia. They attended the Boston rally in even greater numbers, and they were, I’m sure, as raring to provoke violence as before. Large men, however, in black uniforms with large sticks to beat the crap out of you if necessary is a powerful deterrent to violent people. People who could not function outside of a mob setting.

Another observation worth noting is the newscasters’ emphasis on the very small number in the free-speech group and the masses in opposition who surrounded them. The insinuation was that there is moral significance in great numbers. Or that large numbers always imply agreement with the group protesting. Such thinking does not hold water.

Everyone who is paying attention knows that leftist agitators (Black Lives Matter [BLM], Antifascists [Antifa], and others like these groups) are funded by very wealthy entities who use them to accomplish nefarious goals. These agitators are the low-intelligence, easily led young thugs of all races who are ready-made for street violence. People like George Soros and others who maintain a powerful hatred toward America need only put their wealth behind these misguided young people, and give them their marching orders. Lo and behold, thousands can show up anywhere, anytime to do their puppet masters’ bidding.

On the other hand, patriots are busy. They are working in jobs that keep this nation functioning as it should, taking care of the responsibility of parenting children, caring for aged relatives, and acting in the service of Almighty God.

These folks neither have the time nor the inclination to be led by the nose by George Soros types. They cannot be summoned at the drop of a few dollars to take off to this, that, or the other protest and cause violence—in the laughable cause of “countering fascism.” And most patriots are not prone to violence; violent situations are purposely avoided.

According to the free-speech Boston rally organizers, they are not affiliated with white supremacists, white nationalists, the Klan or any others of the “boogie men” the media and the fascist Left have glommed on to, lately. This statement is from a Mediaite blog online post:

While we maintain that every individual is entitled to their freedom of speech and defend that basic human right, we will not be offering our platform to racism or bigotry. We denounce the politics of supremacy and violence. We denounce the actions, activities, and tactics of the so-called Antifa movement. We denounce the normalization of political violence…

There is a lot of misinformation in the media slandering our name by likening our organization to those that ran the Charlottesville rally. THIS COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

American patriots must vehemently resist this current ploy on the part of leftist fascists and the media to use a marginalized group of “white nationalists” as a whipping rod to beat conservative patriots into silence. Do not let these despicable people prevent conservatives from gathering, peacefully protesting, and doing all that we are constitutionally allowed to do to take down the anti-American Left.

One good way to proceed is by whole-heartedly supporting President Trump’s position on these matters. He is one among few in D.C. speaking truth. His bold decision to call a spade a spade and characterize the Virginia madness for what it was—violence on both sides of the protest—is what this nation sorely needs in leadership.

I am not nearly so concerned about the alt-right as I am about the alt-left, which is gaining power with help from the media.

White nationalist groups are on the fringe of society and they have been for some time. They don’t have the power to effect the change they desire. Additionally, their aim is not the destruction of America. Antifa could not exist without money from the likes of anti-American George Soros, who maintains the goal of eventually destroying America as founded. That is by far the greater evil in my view.

I characterize the current white nationalist movement as people fearful of being destroyed by black hatred. Barack Obama was the most powerful man on the globe as President of the United States, and he made it clear he was not concerned about the interest of average white Americans. For him and his minions, it was “payback” time. A pernicious, ungodly “do unto them what they did unto us.”

Fear of power in the hands of a corrupt leader, such as Obama was, is a relatable fear. It’s the same fear that my ancestors felt during our nation’s early history, when power was in other hands. That fear drove them to fight in whatever small ways they could for survival, until help came. That same human instinct to survive resides in every American today, including so-called white nationalists, and some of us understand it perfectly.

Racism, from whatever corners it comes, is a deadly thing. We as a nation can survive it, but we must condemn actions such as the petty blather about which statues to destroy, to appease somebody’s twisted sense of payback. And, sadly, those people fomenting such discord are mostly victimhood-inflicted black racists and the guilt-conflicted whites who pander to them. I’ve had enough of both, what about you?

© Sylvia Thompson 8/19/2017


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