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Stand With Moore, as He Has Stood For God and True Liberty


 In the past several weeks the GOP majorities in both Houses of Congress have produced disappointing results when it comes to advancing the conservative causes the Party supposedly promotes.  With RINO support, Obamacare avoided organ replacement surgery.  For the moment, it seems that the pretense “repeal and replace” may give way to efforts to keep the socialist beachhead on life support and palliative care. Meanwhile, an effort to strip public funding for expensive transgender surgeries for military personnel foundered on the reef of adverse RINO votes in the House of Representatives.  This impelled President Trump to implement his intention to follow Obama’s lead in using (or was it abusing?) Executive discretion whenever necessary, to outflank Congressional intransigence. 

A good case can be made that the President’s duty as Commander-in-Chief requires that he have due regard for the good order and discipline of the military—a duty that trumps (excuse the pun) Congress’s determination to treat our armed forces like lab rats, for purposes of social experimentation.  Be that as it may, the GOP’s nominal control of both Houses of Congress is proving to be a good opportunity to observe the consequences of the leadership’s experiment in maintaining a RINO friendly environment in the Party, by waging open war against authentically conservative candidates. 

Of course, the GOP’s authentically conservative grassroots constituents think the data coming out of the present session of Congress simply provides more proof of the duplicity that has characterized the GOP’s elitist faction leadership, since their Party regained control of the House of Representatives in 2010.  Catering to this disgruntlement, organizations that purport to inform and mobilize these constituents have been making fundraising appeals, filled with talk of sending ‘pink slips’ to members of Congress, meant to signify dire consequences at the polls. 

Of course, the only ‘pink slips’ that count are the ballots voters cast at election time.  Yet, when the time comes to vote, well-funded fearmongering campaigns, replete with volleys of anti-personnel slander and innuendo, induce GOP voters to shy away from the candidates of proven conviction, who are the most likely to act accordingly. 

I am praying earnestly that Roy Moore’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Alabama doesn’t prove to be a case in point. It’s the seat vacated when Senator Jeff Sessions became U.S. Attorney General.  If authentic conservatives want to send an true ‘pink slip’ message to the GOP’s elitist faction Congressional leadership, they will back Judge Moore’s campaign.  I can think of no elected official who has so convincingly demonstrated his faithful commitment to the principles of our nation’s self-government, and the policies consistent with them.   

He has not mouthed convictions as he sought office, only to disserve them once elected.  He has not only raised his hand to swear the oath of office. He has raised his voice, and the ire of powerful, well-heeled anti-constitutional elitists, in order faithfully to adhere to that oath.  He has won office standing upon the premises of God-endowed right and rights, including liberty.  But more importantly, he has been willing to lose office rather than stand away from those premises. He stood fast against the hate-mongering slanders of organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center.  And when minions of the GOP’s elitist faction leadership made themselves the tools of the SPLC’s ongoing and relentless efforts to erase the premise of God-endowed unalienable right from our politics, Roy Moore did not compromise.  He did not relent.  He did not capitulate. 

He quietly, repeatedly and firmly articulated the self-evident truths upheld by generations of true Americans, though it meant losing the office to which the people of Alabama elected him, time and again.  Twice he has been lawlessly crucified and removed from office, in proceedings that sacrificed both the process and the substance of just law.  His answer has ever been to share the logic America’s Founders deployed to lay the foundations of our constitutional self-government.  He represents the standard of American statecraft that helped our nation to rise, prosper and strive to outgrow the degrading compulsions of age-old injustices, like slavery; and reject the totalitarian compulsion of left (communism) and right-wing socialism (Fascism, Nazism), as well as other gangsteresque forms of dictatorship. 

He is a man of faith, unashamed to speak and act accordingly.  He is a patriot of God’s kingdom, unwilling to let go the constitutional experiment that seeks to maintain the seeds of His justice, planted by our founders into the good heart of America’s body politic.  Every now and again, in the history of our country, singular individuals have made all the difference.  It would be a mistake for people of good faith to look at the U.S. Senate election underway in Alabama as just another political contest.  It could be the rare opportunity to raise up a voice in our national councils that resounds the well-reasoned truths that are the best cause of our national union.   

An individual who reminds us of the persuasive power of those truths may also revive our confidence in the true well-spring of our self-government, which is the energy of individual good consciences, bound to the common good not just by selfish interest, but by the love of God, and the firm will to honor His authority.  Rather than pretending to fire the GOP leaders who have betrayed us, Roy Moore’s candidacy offers the opportunity to elect someone who has never done do; someone likely to rekindle the fires of reverence and faith, and re-forge, in the heat of righteous battle, the better destiny of our nation.  I urge conservatives of true conviction and faith to Stand with Judge Moore, as he has stood for all the truths that make us truly free.    



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