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How to (Not) Succeed in Business or College Without Trying at All


Let it never again be said that college is good for anything!

Starting next semester, a Business prof at the University of Georgia, teaching Data Managing and “Energy Informatics” (I don’t know what that is), as part of a new “stress reduction policy,” will be letting his students choose whatever grade they would like to receive. As in “A is for Ass…”

This is necessary, he explains, because “Emotional reactions to stressful situations can have profound consequences for all involved.” Like if a student shoots up the classroom because he only got a B. And if being allowed to name your grade weren’t enough, all tests and exams will be open-book–that means you get to copy the answers out of the textbook–with the students’ lap-tops also allowed.

Of course, as long as you can just choose your grade, why even bother to show up for the class at all?

But wait, there’s more!

If after all this, a student still feels all stressed out–I’m sure I don’t know why–he or she or zhxe can retreat to an official Stress-Free Zone provided by the university, there to enjoy cocoa, granola, and games.

Don’t you wish this was a satire?

So that’s what the folks who send their kids to U of Georgia for a business degree are getting for their thousands and thousands of dollars of tuition.

If our colleges and universities are not purposely trying to transform a whole generation of students into total wastes of space, they’re doing a spectacularly good impression of it.

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