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Image credit: By Zoe Margolis

As the Once Prominent Christian Worldview Recedes, Mindless Atheism Advances


America is deeply divided on many fronts. This should not be surprising since we cannot agree on even the most fundamental principles such as truth and reality or a common definition of words. One man’s devotion is another’s legalism. What one denounces as reckless and wasteful, another calls compassion. What one person defines as liberty, another identifies as license. In prior ages, the Bible and the Christian faith were the lenses that enabled people of various perspectives to see contemporary issues honestly and similarly. Those days are gone–at least for now.

In media and the American educational system, Christians are habitually portrayed as crazy, unsophisticated, ignorant and backward. These false perceptions are bolstered through condemnation, implication and satirical illustration. But ridicule, libel and slander are effective deterrents against the church, only when leveraged against the uninformed. We live in a nation that is largely unaware of its own history, and among people who place no value on the great accomplishments of any previous generation.

The truth is that Christians originated modern science and medicine which the secular culture attempts to hijack. Churches created the first schools and hospitals to treat the sick and injured. Christians in Rome rescued the unwanted babies that had been brought into the world by pagan promiscuity and then callously cast outside the city walls like refuse, exposing them to the elements and wild animals such as wolves and rats.

Today, atheists and modern secular sophisticates snuff out their lives within the wombs of their own mothers. O how atheism has improved the lives of humanity! America has put to death 60 million people through abortion mills–innocent people whose only offense was the reckless immorality of their parents.

Secularists often claim that “religion” has been responsible for more wars and human suffering than any other social influence. They will generally point to the Crusades, the Inquisition and the Salem witch trials as evidence of this fallacy. But they neglect to acknowledge that atheism has cost the lives of 170 million people, in just the last century, put to death in socialist nations.

Modern science began as an effort to better understand the Creator by examining creation. But today, science has been corrupted by the narrow-minded biases of atheism and, therefore, are often falsified. The conclusions of the godless cannot be trusted. We just learned that temperature measurements in Australia were altered in order to support the fraudulent conclusion that climate change is a real problem that requires a drastic and costly political solution.

Evolution is unproven and unprovable. Nevertheless, it is dogmatically taught in schools and the media as if it was an established scientific fact. Evidence for evolution has been falsified repeatedly, and yet, the lie persists because of mindless adherence to the atheist religion.

Christian clergy lit the flames of liberty that set the hearts of colonists ablaze with the desire for freedom. Neither atheism nor secular humanism could have done this. The priests of secular humanism compel submission to the state, not independence from the state. Christians recognize a higher moral Authority than the will of sinful man.

Ironically, in America today, many of the people who are in the greatest need of health and wealth, willingly offer their lives to a godless, heartless government bureaucracy. Are these the wise?

Atheists and secular humanists on the political left seek the eradication of the church from American society. One day, they may actually prevail in this effort. But no one will be safe in a society devoid of moral law, not even the proponents of secularism.

No one has moral authority on his own. It can be discovered and maintained only through a personal relationship with the Supreme Authority of creation. He can be found nowhere outside the Church. The sad commentary on our generation is that at a time when we need the wisdom and direction of God the most, we seek Him less than ever before.

Secular culture has no authority to judge the church, and any such efforts should seen as illegitimate. The church is charged to judge the culture. But in order to fulfill its mandate, the church must first purify itself and become separate from the world. Until that happens, America’s moral freefall will continue and accelerate.


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