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Trump and prophecies

What Was Most Remarkable About Trump’s Appearance at the BSA Jamboree?


Like a successful magic trick, the key to a successful scam is the things people don’t think to notice. President Trump recently spoke to the 2017 Boy Scout Jamboree. Anti-Trump leftists have made a big show of decrying his politicization of the event. In reply, Michel Surbaugh, the BSA Chief executive, issued a statement in which he said “I want to extend my sincere apologies to those in our Scouting family who were offended by the political rhetoric that was inserted into the jamboree. That was never our intent.” True to form, the pro-Trump propaganda artillery launched a barrage, understandably ridiculing the anti-Trump propagandists for comparing the occasion to something The Fuehrer might have delivered to a Hitler Youth rally.

Intentionally or not, this fake dust-up veiled the fact that the speech came in the aftermath of a much ballyhooed prayer gathering at the White House, in which Christian pastors and ministers laid hands on President Trump (in the sense of spiritual communion), treating him, at the very least, like King Cyrus come again—this time to relieve the travail of Christians threatened with captivity for opposing efforts to advance the LBGTQ agenda by abusing the force of law.

Considering that expectation, the most noteworthy thing about President Trump’s appearance at the 2017 Boy Scout Jamboree is that he agreed to be there at all. In 2012, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney contributed to the defeat of his presidential campaign by refusing to join grassroots’ Christian conservatives in their demonstration of support for Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, when he and his company were under assault from LGBTQ activists for his moral and financial support of the God-endowed unalienable rights of the natural family. By contrast, in 2012 pro-gay activists praised Mitt Romney for showing Obama the way to pressure the BSA to change policies discouraging homosexual involvement in the Scouting movement, especially in its adult leadership. But, of course, as he secured the GOP nomination, Donald Trump made no secret of the fact that he welcomed LGBTQ activists to support his rise to power. He practically wrapped himself in their “rainbow flag” during the GOP convention. Now we’ve seen his abortive choice of Anthony Scaramucci to manage how his White House communicates with the nation and the world at large. Mr. Scaramucci has given major moral and money support to LBGTQ activism, notably including the so-called Human Rights Campaign. He stands to that movement as Dan Cathy to the movement that defends the God-endowed right of the natural family.

But this important aspect of Scaramucci’s activities was shoved into the background by the media propagandists. Its significance was mostly neglected, even by many who profess to stand in defense of the premises of God-endowed unalienable right, on which America’s Constitutional self-government is founded. Is it simply a coincidence that Mr. Scaramucci’s abortive appointment came in the context of an action that had President Trump honoring the Boy Scout movement? With Mr. Scaramucci in tow, President Trump honored the Scouts with his presence. This even though many of the Christian voters, who were critical to candidate Trump’s margin of victory, have withdrawn their children from the BSA because it has abandoned respect for God’s provision for human procreation. Acting in good faith, these Christian parents are striving to seek some alternative to the BSA, consistent with reverence for “the laws of nature and of Nature’s God”. Such reverence for the rules of God’s

Creation, also respects the principles of America’s self-government. Those principles are rooted in the understanding of justice articulated, and perfectly exemplified, in Jesus Christ. His true followers look to His instruction as the guide for their understanding of justice. They take seriously Christ’s instruction to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His justice”, not the Kingdom of David or Cyrus, nor the justice of any other merely human being.

Some of Trump’s self-professed Christian supporters can pretend, if they like, that Christ’s reference to justice does not apply to human rulers. But this pretense runs exactly contrary to the understanding of Christ himself. He submitted to Roman rule, which its Caesar, at the time, purported to wield as a god. But when Pilate flourished his authority over life and death, Christ reminded him that such authority comes from above. Christ accepted it, in that moment, because Pilate’s unjust abuse of it was anticipated in God’s plan, to offer salvation to people of good will.

Self-consciously Christlike respect for God’s authority is what impelled Americans, like the Pilgrims in Massachusetts, and the Quakers in Pennsylvania, to brave the uncertainties of life in the “New World”, to establish communities in which human laws would respect God’s laws for Creation, especially those He promulgated in and through the nature of humanity. When they declared their independence, the people of the United States called on God’s laws as they asserted their right of self-government. There is no reason to believe that they have any chance of maintaining it once reverence for those laws ceases to operate.

Self-willed pastors and ministers, Bishops and Popes can pray all they like that God should favor the power of this or that human savior, or worldly cause, above His own good will. But in the favor God showed to Kings David and Cyrus, He did not exalt them above His own intention. He exalted them because he acted with the self-perfecting knowledge that comes of being the beginning and end of all things. So, He knew they served His purpose for the forgiveness of sins, even the sin by which humanity degraded itself to living in the ineluctable shadow of death.

Christ enjoined his faithful disciples to take up their cross and follow him—even unto to death, such as he suffered on the Cross. He challenged them to remember the sacrifice of his body and blood; but also, to live in the hope proven by His resurrection. That hope keeps ever before Grace-opened eyes the way that is Truth and Light. This the faithful—i.e., those who choose to act in accord with what God has chosen them to do—accept as the determinant reality of their existence. Even despite the threat of dying in ways fearsome to our humanity, people bearing witness to Christ have been found to stand fast time in the liberty wherewith Christ has made them free.

However, these days it is also despite the seduction of pleasure, power, and the false worship of our own will. This, we stubbornly mistake for greater freedom than what God provides. But freedom cannot be sustained in defiance of God’s intention. Yet this false show of freedom, is what Anthony Scaramucci has fervently promoted. It is what President Trump honored with his presence at the BSA jamboree. It is the freedom to abandon the exercise of right, by God endowed, which our elitists are encouraging Americans to mistake for “human rights”. Tragically, this self-abandonment extinguishes the moral spirit that has ever been the source of our best striving, in service our true country: the kingdom of God and His Justice. So, the Light of our Liberty gutters. And the American way wends from evening toward the dark, increasingly obscuring the hope we are supposed to represent to all humanity. Unless, we repent.


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