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Gore Issues Dire Warning of… Well, He Won’t Say


Timed nicely to accompany the release of his new Global Warming movie, Gimme More Money, former divinity school flunkout Al Gore showed up in The Late, Late Show this week to warn of a “challenging” event which Americans will have to face sometime in the next few months.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show, Gore responded to a joke by host James Corden by asking “to be serious for a moment”.

“I think the next few months may be a little challenging for our country and we best gird ourselves for it – this thing is not going well,” said Gore.

He forgot to mention what that event was going to be, and the show host never thought to ask him. All we are told is that it’s going to be real hard and not at all nice.

Could anything be more childish? What is this guy’s emotional age–seven? This goes right back to the playground: “You think your new model airplane is so hot! Ha, it’s nothin’! Why, my dad’s gonna get me a model that makes yours look like a lot of crap, you’ll just about drop dead when you see it!” And then when you ask what is this marvel, you get the answer, “I ain’t tellin’!”

Will it be a plague of locusts? An asteroid impact? A bunch of Democrat senators suddenly stabbing the president to death? A Supreme Court ruling outlawing masculinity?

Al ain’t tellin’.

But that’s okay, ’cause we ain’t listenin’.


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