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Brides Lift the Veil on Left ‘s True Colors


At W.W. Bridal Boutique, it isn’t unusual to see two women shopping for wedding dresses. What is unusual is two women shopping for wedding dresses for the same ceremony. That’s the predicament Victoria Miller has found herself in since 2014, when LGBT activists started targeting the Pennsylvania shop. Knowing full well where the Christian owners stand, a couple of lesbian brides became the latest to test the shop’s convictions.

Right now, an employee explained, the Bloomsburg store doesn’t service same-sex weddings. Instead of showing the tolerance their movement demands, the women turned to social media to bully the shop — trashing its online reviews. Victoria, who proved her backbone in 2014 when another couple launched a similar campaign, posted on Facebook, “The owners of W.W. Bridal Boutique reserve the rights afforded to them by the First Amendment of the Constitution to live out our lives according to our faith. We will continue to serve our customers based on the tenets of our faith.”

The firestorm only grew. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Victoria explained that she’s “provided formalwear for our customers from all walks of life, including the LGBT community. We have always served everyone with respect and dignity. It’s just this event, a same-sex marriage, which we cannot participate in due to our personal convictions. We simply ask that we be given the same ability to live our lives according to our convictions.”

If only it were that easy. Instead, the stop has been inundated with death threats from angry protestors. Voicemails and other messages insist (in between profanity), “We’re coming for you and your family! You’re done!” But somehow she’s labeled a hater? Now, because liberal activists refuse to show the same courtesy Christians have been displaying for years, the Millers have been forced to close the shop and work by appointment only. Intolerance in the name of tolerance is hypocrisy. And the more America is exposed to the real victims of discrimination, the less likely they’ll be to buy the Left’s propaganda of “persecution.”


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