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Donald Trump e bandeira gay

Trump Bans Transgenders in the Military. Conservatives Rejoicing. But Until When?


Franklin Graham, the son of the famous evangelist Billy Graham, said Wednesday:

“President Donald J. Trump made a bold move today in announcing that the U.S. military will not accept transgender individuals to serve. He’s exactly right. And I’m proud that we have a president who sees and understands the truth. As Americans, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, we should celebrate when our leaders do the right thing for our country. President Obama’s policy on this was a mistake. We don’t need people in the military who are confused about their gender—and the military shouldn’t be aiding in gender ‘transitions.’ President Trump is laser focused on making our military better and stronger. Pray for him as he faces critics and opposition.”

While Graham is right in his view of Trump’s statement, top Pentagon leaders declared that they’ll keep allowing transgender troops to remain in uniform until an authoritative directive orders them to remove them. After all, a tweet, even a presidential tweet, is not an order.

While conservatives were celebrating Trump’s presidential tweet banning transgender troops, an American remarked in Peter LaBarbera’s Facebook:

“Trump is ambiguous and ambivalent wanting to tactically please everyone to bribe conservatives and hook them up. He bans transgenders from serving in the military and on the other hand is preparing to propagate the same sodomitic agenda. I know the real meaning behind the scene. That Trump does not want to do marriage a favor, he is just manipulating the naive ones to recover the support he has lost, and keeping both ways of the fight content to get ahead. If he achieves to get ahead enough and recover enough support and worship, he will force sodomy and fecal sex down the throat of every one of his idolaters.”

It is hard to take Trump seriously, because his past and present actions are marked by a desire to please both sides and also for his famous flip-flops. He sends conflicting signs.

One recent powerful conflicting sign is that before his presidential tweet, Trump appointed Anthony Scaramucci as his new White House communications director.

According to pro-family leader Peter LaBarbera, Scaramucci has “described himself as ‘pro-choice’ on abortion and a ‘gay activist’ who has boasted about giving money to the world’s most powerful LGBTQ lobby, Human Rights Campaign (HRC).”

It is highly inconsistent for a president who has an abortion and gay activist as his communications director to want to ban gay activists in the military!

Trump’s decision to ban transgender troops has faced opposition even within his Republican Party.

John McCain, an anti-Russian Republican neocon, opposed Trump’s decision, but he did not oppose Scaramucci’s appointment. The last time McCain’s will was done, Ukraine had a revolution, with McCain’s direct participation in anti-Russian protests in Kiev, and now Ukraine has what it never had before: homosexual parades.

After his successful revolution in Ukraine, McCain “visited” (uninvited, which means he invaded) Syria to show support to Islamic rebels, which with ISIS and al-Qaida seek to overthrow the Syrian government. If McCain’s will is done, Syria will have what it had never before: homosexual parades.

As far as it depends on McCain, the Russian government will be overthrown by the criminal sanctions Obama had imposed (spurred by McCain and his hordes of neocons), and it will have what it has banned for 100 years: homosexual parades.

In April, spurred by McCain, who incessantly seeks to provoke Russia, Trump attacked Syria

Next time, it is not known if Trump will please or not McCain and his lunatic neocon hordes.

Next time, it is not known if Trump will please or not the lunatic homosexual hordes.

Speaking about McCain and Russia, yesterday the U.S. Senate, spurred by McCain, passed new sanctions against Russia, in a 98-2 vote. Virtually all Republicans (supposedly conservative) and all Democrats (supposedly socialist) joined forces against Russia.

So modern America cannot ban what the first U.S. president George Washington banned (homosexuality), because Democrats are united on behalf of sodomy, and Republicans are ambivalent. They are unable to join forces to fight sodomy, but when the subject is Russia, which is now more conservative and has banned homosexual propaganda to children and teen, both conservative Republicans and socialist Democrats joyfully join forces to fight Russia!

Sexual confusion is ravaging the U.S. parties, politicians, media, churches, the military, etc.

Originally, the U.S. military was created to protect the U.S. borders and national sovereignty.

Today, the U.S. military is so busy policing the world that it has almost no time to watch its own borders. Hordes of criminals invade the U.S. because of sheer military failure.

And the U.S. actions as global police often make more harm than good. I have a very hard time to remember the last time the U.S., the largest Protestant nation in the world, helped Christians in its international military interventions. Bush invaded Iraq and left a bloody trail of 500,000 massacred Christians. I supported Bush, because he was pro-life and pro-family. Now, I am very repentant of my support, at least in the Iraq invasion.

Trump condemned Bush for the Iraq invasion. In fact, in 2016 candidate Trump also condemned Obama for trying to attack Syria for an alleged chemical attack. But spurred by McCain, in 2017 President Trump attacked Syria for an alleged chemical attack… The same bloody foreign-affair soap opera, with different actors.

In 2014, Raymond Ibrahim, author of the bestselling book “Crucified Again,” wrote the article titled “Confirmed: U.S. Chief Facilitator of Christian Persecution,” which explains the bloody U.S. foreign-affair soap opera.

Other authors also addressed the problem of U.S. invasions.

Michael Snyder:Why Does Christian Persecution Get Worse In Every Country The U.S. ‘Liberates’?

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker:Christian Persecution Follows US, UK and France in Kosovo, Libya, Iraq and Syria.”

With homosexual troops paving the way for Muslim savages to slaughter thousands of Christians in the Middle East, it is understandable that 20 veterans a day commit suicide nationwide in the United States. Only in 2014, more than 7,400 American veterans took their own lives.

So the unnecessary U.S. interventions in other nations have taken a terrible toll of Christians lives in the Middle East and a toll of lives of U.S. troops too.

And the toll hits also girls and young women.

In his article “The Ugly American — Sex Trafficking and Our National Humiliation,” Rev. Albert Mohler said that Rep. Christopher Smith (R-NJ) declared that “women and girls are being forced into prostitution for a clientele consisting largely of military services members, government contractors and international peacekeepers.”

I have met Smith two times and he is a very fine pro-family congressman.

Mohler said that one report indicates that young girls have been kidnapped in Eastern Europe “specifically to be sold to the American contractors to use for sex.” Those contractors were there under the auspices of the U.S. government to establish peace and security. Mohler said that representatives of the U.S. government should be setting the standard for the world, not feeding the problem of sex trafficking.

So the problem is not only homosexuals in the U.S. military (and in the White House working as a communications director and other capacities). The problem is larger. It is the U.S. military not working where they should work — protecting the U.S. borders — and invading Islamic nations where they endanger the lives of Christians and other international military interventions that, as warned by Mohler, feed the problem of sex trafficking of girls and young women.

In this chaotic setting, it is no wonder that veterans are taking their own lives.

With or without homosexuals in its ranks, the U.S. military is not behaving correctly regarding invasions, vulnerable Christian minorities and sex trafficking of girls and young women.

Someone should remove homosexual activists from the White House and from the U.S. military. And someone should remove the U.S. military from far away nations and put them to guard the U.S. borders and sovereignty.

With information from Associated Press, DailyMail and LifeSiteNews.

Portuguese version of this article: Trump proíbe transgêneros nas forças armadas. Conservadores estão muito contentes. Mas até quando?


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