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Image credit: European People's Party - EPP in the USA, CC BY 2.0

Senator John McCain and the RINOs Gore We the People Yet Again


Rather than represent the people who elected them, the rebellious RINOs (Republicans-in name-only) in the U.S. Senate, led by crotchety Arizona Senator, John McCain, have once again betrayed their constituents. These renegade senators, McCain, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have joined obstructionist Democrats to thwart efforts to repeal the fatally-flawed Obamacare program. Meanwhile, the welfare and, indeed, the very lives of countless Americans are still in jeopardy.

While Senator McCain and his crash of RINOs enjoy their own taxpayer-funded “Cadillac health care plans” they ruthlessly deny any comparable benefit to the very people who are paying their bills. This is exactly why it was a monumental mistake for the American people to permit members of Congress to exempt themselves from Obamacare’s oppressive and reckless mandates. If Senator McCain’s brain cancer treatment was subject to A.C.A. restrictions, he would certainly think twice before staging his reckless senate coup to defeat the repeal.

John McCain is often praised by the media for being a “maverick.” But to Republican voters, he is nothing more noble than a Judas goat or Benedict Arnold–a traitor guilty of high treason to his party, his constituents and the American people.

Just over the Atlantic Ocean in the United Kingdom, Charlie Gard has lost his life as the result of the government-run health care plan in Britain. Citizens of the United States had better be paying close attention to the callous neglect with which the British single-payer health care system decided that little Charlie was unworthy to live. With every passing day, the likelihood increases that Obamacare death panels will take the lives of American children and adults who require costly medical treatments.

In remarks on the floor of the U.S. Senate chamber, Senator McCain called for Republicans and Democrats to “work together” to write a bill that can be supported by a majority in Congress. But McCain seems to be out of touch with the reality, unaware of the caustic partisan atmosphere in Washington. Democrats are not interested supporting any changes to Obamacare that would return command and control over health decisions back to the American people. And apparently, neither are McCain and his fellow RINOs.

During his last re-election campaign, John McCain was a bold and vocal opponent of Obamacare, calling for its repeal. The stifling effect that the hostile takeover has wrought on the U.S. economy, was one reason McCain supported its demise. He also said that it is fundamentally wrong to put bureaucrats in charge of the health decisions of the American people. He was right, then. So what happened?

McCain was re-elected, and he now knows that it will require a recall effort by Arizona voters to stop him. McCain and his protégé, South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham, both despise President Trump and have nothing but contempt for conservatives and have made no effort to hide the fact. For these two immature political hacks, it’s all personal.

Working on behalf of the American people, President Trump has only one option left. The President needs to take the matter directly to the American people, as President Ronald Reagan did so effectively in the 1980s. While President Reagan was in office, Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, much like they appear to today. Nevertheless, by appealing directly to the people and addressing Democrat resistance, the “Great Communicator” was able to convince the people to pressure Congress into action.

The American people still hold the real power in the United States, although many have become demoralized into believing that they do not. Repealing the egregiously misnamed, Affordable Care Act will require President Trump to recruit the citizens of the United States to make it happen. Only when senate offices are flooded with calls and letters demanding immediate action will lead-bottomed spineless senators fulfill the obligation of their offices and return to representing the will of the people.


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