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President Trump Boy Scout Jamboree

Resist! Trump as You Turn Your Boy Scout into a Girl


Donald Trump spoke at the National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia on Monday. And as you might expect, the Ruling Class was apoplectic that he did so—that he would be so gross as to include some politics in his speech instead of doing something uplifting, like encouraging the boys to mutilate themselves into parodies of girls.

Social media was the best place to watch media, deep state veterans, and other members of the Ruling Class flip out over Trump at the Jamboree. But you can just as easily go to any of the major media websites and find the hysterics there as well.

And it’s all understandable, of course. I mean, wouldn’t you be upset if someone spent a few minutes telling the Boy Scouts the truth about you after you spent decades corrupting and taking over the group? So I think we can all understand why Ruling Class members would have liked to have grabbed a Boy Scout and spirited xim away to safety (right after dosing xim with xis latest shot of puberty-blocking drugs).

Things just haven’t been the same since Trump came on the scene.

Gone are the good ol’ days when the only “opponents” the Ruling Class had were Republicans and conservatives. Ruling Class members could always count on those two impotent groups to surrender to them on anything.

Flood the nation with illegal aliens and refugees? Republicans and conservatives surrendered on that. Take over the health and insurance systems? No resistance from the GOP or conservatives there either. Side with the enemy in wars? Republicans and conservatives surrendered again.

Ruling Class members could even get Republicans and conservatives to surrender on the most absurd of things. That’s why we now live in a society that thinks that women are men who can menstruate. It’s why we live in a society where it’s increasingly illegal to oppose the Ruling Class’s ever-increasing maliciousness.

So all the hysterics are understandable. Still, there is plenty of good news for those who are on the side of evil. Despite his rhetoric against the Ruling Class, Trump hasn’t done anything to turn back or even stop the sexual anarchy, or fulfilled his promise to build the wall, or been successful in destroying Obamacare.

But the Ruling Class can’t take any chances. Thus, the hysteria over Trump speaking about politically incorrect politics to Boy Scouts instead of encouraging them to become girls will continue . . . until Trump does the next “outrageous” thing.


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