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Olavo de Carvalho esoterismo

What Draws Olavo de Carvalho to the United States?


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Anti-Marxist and Anti-Protestant Esoteric Confusion in a Brazilian “Conservative” Immigrant Unsatisfied in the Largest Protestant Nation in the World

“Protestantism was born from hatred and blood thirst. Its Christian inspiration is ZERO,” said last month Olavo de Carvalho, a Brazilian philosopher who became known in the 1980s for having founded in Brazil the first school of astrologers.

What draws him to the U.S., considering that he has despised Protestantism, which is America’s soul and essence? Homosexual activists, Satanists and Marxists have the same disdain for the American Protestant soul, which gave origin to most U.S. conservative values.

In 2016, Carvalho said,

“Luther and Calvin were hatred-filled souls. The former was guilty of genocide, the latter the creator of totalitarian government. Their followers are on the way of Hell, and if it is necessary to revile them using all the curse words to take them from this mess, I will do it pitilessly.”

Carvalho, a Brazilian “Catholic” Immigrant Unsatisfied in a Most Protestant Nation

What will Carvalho do? Will he revile U.S. presidents who mentioned positively Protestantism? In fact, upon signing the Declaration of Independence, Samuel Adams stated: “This day, I trust, the reign of political Protestantism will commence.” The 56 signers were mostly Protestant.

According to New York University Professor Emeritus Patricia Bonomi: “The colonists were about 98 percent Protestant.”

“Luther and Calvin were hatred-filled souls. The former was guilty of genocide, the latter the creator of totalitarian government. Their followers are on the way of Hell, and if it is necessary to revile them using all the curse words to take them from this mess, I will do it pitilessly.”

Will Carvalho revile U.S. the courageous American colonists? Will he say that all of them are already in the Hell?

Addressing directly the U.S., Carvalho said,

“One of the favorite myths of the American culture is that the Protestant Reformation was one of the main sources of religious freedom, individual rights and protections against abuses from a central government. Add to it the Weberian (or semi-Weberian) false belief that the ‘Protestant ethics’ created capitalism, and the only possible conclusion is that today’s citizen is indebted to Luther and Calvin, after all, for virtually all the legal, political and economic benefits of living in a modern democracy. But all of this is propaganda, not History.”

Is such behavior different from communists’ behavior? During the military administration in Brazil, communists chose exile in capitalist nations, including the U.S. Eventually they lived in a nation whose capitalist system they despised and condemned.

“Protestantism was born from hatred and blood thirst. Its Christian inspiration is ZERO.”

Carvalho, who despises and reviles Protestantism, self-exiled in the largest Protestant nation in the world. He did, in his inconsistence typical of communists, what any Brazilian communist would have done. While communists despise America’s capitalism, Carvalho despises America’s Protestantism. Both apparently were drawn by America’s affluence.

If Carvalho is just drawn by the American capitalism and its affluence, the U.S. capitalism without its Jewish-Protestant foundation is useless and dangerous. Protestantism, with its conservative values, is the capitalism’s life.

Carvalho’s Controversial and Foul Comments

Yet, Carvalho does not make absurd and immoral comments only against Protestantism. Here is a small sample of his controversial comments (translated for the first time into English, so forgive me for having to expose his vulgar language) in his Facebook in Brazil:

“Freedom of opinion is the last refuge of idiots.”

“I kneel down before the priest to receive the communion, but if after the Mass I feel necessary to tell him ‘f**k you,’ I will do it with full tranquility: Look, you fool. There you were Jesus Christ, but here you are just a little shit.”

“As far as I know, only Portugal, Spain, Hungry and Poland had brave Christians. The remaining world has a multitude of faggots.”

“If I had a cunt, I would sexually blackmail all congressmen and destroy the whole political class.”

“I repeat: there was never an entity called ‘the Inquisition’ and much less ‘Holy Inquisition.’”

“Bergoglio should be kicked out with our feet from Peter’s throne as soon as possible.”

“After someone is raped, he/she can find some retroactive consolation in the idea that a cock had always been his/her secret wish.”

“I am not a right-winger or a left-winger.”

“The Catholic Church was born offering martyrs, the protestant church was born killing.”

“Herod saved many souls: he killed little children before they could sin.”

“Do you think that it is sheer coincidence that the brutal growth of criminality and especially political corruption have happened at the same time that Liberation Theology destroyed internally the Catholic Church and makeshift ‘evangelical’ churches, filled of swindling ministers, had a widespread growth?”

“Stupid evangelicals listen with so much naivety to ministers who are semiliterate, junkies, thieves and prostitutes that it is the world’s eighth wonder.”

“In the Hollywood movies, for each three words, two are ‘fuck.’ This is what isolates and debilitates American conservatives.”

“Lenin knew that, in politics, he who reviles the most always runs ahead.”

“While I have strength left, I will systematically profane all rules of good verbal behavior that I come to know of.”

How can a man with such foul language have achieved some success among Catholic conservatives in Brazil? I do not know, just as I do not know how a false messiah deceived U.S. conservatives. In his book “Bad Moon Rising: How Reverend Moon Created the Washington Times, Seduced the Religious Right, and Built an American Kingdom” (PoliPointPress, 2008), author John Gorenfeld tells how powerful U.S. evangelicals were seduced by the false messiah Moon. Just as Moon used U.S. conservative evangelicals to grow, Carvalho has used Brazilian Catholics to grow.

In the U.S., where Carvalho loves to live as an immigrant, he has an organization called the Inter-American Institute, whose members are 50 percent Protestants who, because they do not understand Portuguese, totally ignore the statements and views of its director, who does not publish them in English.

The U.S., which in its foundation had a population 98% Protestant, is the largest Protestant nation in the world, with a vast historical evangelical influence in its social, cultural and political customs. But evidently it is not the evangelical predominance that draws Carvalho to the U.S.

Is Carvalho drawn by Catholicism?

So is it Catholicism? If it were, he would be in the Vatican, or in Brazil, which is the largest Catholic nation in the world. Carvalho said, “Have you observed that only in Catholic nations it was possible to make a serious resistance to communism?” Even so, he prefers to live as an immigrant in the largest Protestant nation than living in the largest Catholic nation.

Euphoric Brazilian Catholics prefer to look to U.S. white Catholics, who are for them the true reference, identity and hope of authentic Catholicism and conservatism. Is this Carvalho’s case? Actually, as reported by the DailyMail, you should not, in studies on the U.S. Catholicism, take in consideration white Catholics, because they are “much more intermixed with, and influenced by, the wider Protestant culture.” This is, the U.S. white Catholics’ conservatism reflects the original U.S. Protestantism!

Moreover, the DailyMail ascribes the American creative spirit, which is an essential foundation of the U.S., to the Protestantism in the American culture.

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