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Dems Can’t Beat around John Bush


If you thought your to-do list was long, you should see the U.S. Senate’s. Bogged down by health care, confirmations, and a basket of looming spending bills, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had no choice but to extend the chamber’s working hours. Now, a lot of that persistence is paying off — despite the Democrats’ efforts to derail the Senate’s business.

Yesterday, GOP leaders won a major victory when it confirmed John K. Bush to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. His lifetime appointment was cheered by conservatives, who’ve now seen four of President Trump’s originalists take a seat on American benches. Despite the Left’s name-calling (Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I. called Bush a “freak” for his pro-life, pro-marriage views), McConnell plowed ahead, aggressively fighting to add another nominee to the appellate courts. A fellow Kentuckian, the majority leader praised the Louisville attorney as “a man of integrity and considerable ability.”

But Bush, who was grilled by the Left for conservative posts he wrote under a pseudonym, had McConnell’s backing from Day One. “Mr. Bush, as we all do, has his own personal views about politics, which he enjoys discussing… But this has not diminished the professional esteem in which his colleagues hold him… nor their firm belief that he will follow the law.”

Fifty-one Republicans agreed, voting this week to add to the administration’s list of strong nominees. Meanwhile, the spirit of cooperation isn’t exactly catching on in the Democratic Party. Their obstruction is almost an art form, as 25 of Trump’s judicial nominees sit waiting for the home-state senators to give the go-ahead. As the Washington Times points out, most of the president’s picks have been held up “because Democrats haven’t returned blue slips signing off on the nominees. Traditionally, home-state senators return blue slips for nominees from their states if they approve of the pick. But the top Democrat on the Judicial Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, said her party isn’t abusing the blue slip tradition, but is ‘doing … due diligence in reviewing these nominees.’” Thank goodness Mitch McConnell is also doing his and refusing to back down on qualified men and women who deserve the Senate’s support!


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