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Washington D.C.

Image credit: By Matt H. Wade

Washington D.C. Circus Desperately Missing a Ringmaster


The political circus in Washington, D.C. — three branches of government performing in three rings — is both ridiculous, and dangerous.

Does it bother you Attorney General Sessions needlessly decided not to have any authority or input relative to the endless, groundless investigation into accusations the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton?

Does it bother you that despite substantial evidence of collusion between various Democrat players and the Russians, little if any of this is being investigated? Does it alarm you that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed an allegedly partisan Democrat special prosecutor in Robert Mueller, a man accused of hunting the President’s head with his hired guns, a large number of Democrat prosecutors loyal to the Clintons?

Adding to the confusion, is it troublesome to learn that the President likely loaded the gun that Mueller now uses on his hunting expeditions?   Respected lawyer Andy McCarthy writes July 22:

“ . . . it was Trump’s own botching of the firing of FBI director James Comey that spooked Rosenstein, inducing him to appease furious Democrats by giving Mueller free rein.”

To pile madness to mayhem, the President recently attacked Sessions, an attack some see as a way to force Session’s resignation allowing for an easier disposal of Mueller, a move that would inevitably deepen the already furious constitutional crises we see unfolding.

Trump’s attack on Sessions is especially baffling when you recall Sessions was an early campaign supporter of the President. Also baffling, instead of aggressively prosecuting real crimes by Obama administration officials (including Clinton), Sessions throws more gas on the fire announcing his Civil Forfeiture policy, one that many experts view as thoroughly hostile to the bedrock principle of due process.

When mass media devotes its substantial power to promoting Democrat efforts to destroy this President, and law enforcement appears to collude with the Legislative and Judicial branches to achieve the same goal, does it lead you to conclude this government is completely out of control, incapable of performing its core function: protection of the country and her people?

When a President appears consumed with attacking any critic, even those uncritical members of his own cabinet, does it damage your confidence in his leadership?

Certainly, given the chaos caused by Democrats since the election, this government has been crippled. There are no solutions on the table to solve our most pressing problems: looming financial catastrophe, Iran, North Korea, Jihad, illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, the circus spins out of control, showing the performers incompetent in all three rings, putting everyone at risk.


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