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Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski

Mainstream Media Are Certainly Hostile Intelligence Organizations


Major media organizations continue accusing Donald Trump of engaging in treason with Russia. The baseless charges serve as a reminder that media have conducted harmful influence operations against the U.S. for decades. Consequently, Americans should treat these media entities as hostile intelligence organizations.

James Comey worked with the media to start the current investigation into Trump regarding the conspiracy theories surrounding him and Russia. Comey did this by providing classified memos to the media through a friend. The investigation, of course, is designed to end with Trump being removed from office.

All of this is strikingly similar to how a state intelligence organization might operate if it wanted to change the leadership of the United States.

And this is not something unusual for the media.

Nearly every day the media seem to launch new accusations against Trump based on illegal leaks from government officials. The illegal leaks are so bad (in both the amount and severity of the information they disclose) that in early July the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs released a report titled, “State Secrets: How an Avalanche of Media Leaks Is Harming National Security.” An excerpt from its executive summary emphasizes the damage the media are doing to the U.S.

From the morning of President Trump’s inauguration, when major newspapers published information about highly sensitive intelligence intercepts, news organizations have reported on an avalanche of leaks from officials across the U.S. government. Many disclosures have concerned the investigations of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, with the world learning details of whose communications U.S. intelligence agencies are monitoring, what channels are being monitored, and the results of those intercepts. All such revelations are potential violations of federal law, punishable by jail time.

But the leak frenzy has gone far beyond the Kremlin and has extended to other sensitive information that could harm national security. President Trump’s private conversations with other foreign leaders have shown up in the press, while secret operations targeting America’s most deadly adversaries were exposed in detail.

In addition to illegally disclosing intelligence from collaborators within the government, the media conduct other negative influence operations.

For instance, the Media Research Center produced multiple reports in the 2000s that documented how media coverage of post-2001 wars damaged U.S. efforts. Meanwhile, I’ve kept track of similar damaging media coverage.

Again, such operations are similar to what state intelligence organizations would do if they wanted to undermine the U.S.

And it isn’t just war efforts where the media conduct negative influence operations. Media incite racial division, they demonize Christians, they back illegal aliens and their invasion of the U.S., and they rail against foundational America.

There is no question that major national and international media organizations are types of intelligence organizations. There is nothing wrong with this in and of itself. But as their unfounded charges against Trump remind us, they operate in a manner that is detrimental to the United States of America.

Accordingly, America should treat the media as the hostile intelligence organizations that they are.


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