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AG Jeff Sessions

DOJ Attorney General Jeff Sessions Saves FACE Act


When did it become news for a government agency to enforce the law? I suppose after eight years of an Obama administration that didn’t. In less than six months at the Justice Department, Attorney General Jeff Sessions probably didn’t think he’d make headlines for doing his job. But that’s what happens after two terms of lawlessness and an administration that was bent on writing the rules as it went. Now, settled into his new office as America’s top law enforcer, the media can’t help but notice how different things are.

Unlike Obama, President Trump doesn’t believe in ignoring laws that aren’t politically convenient. The same goes for Jeff Sessions. When 10 pro-lifers were charged for protesting outside of an abortion clinic in Kentucky, he may not have agreed with the buffer zone rules, but that doesn’t mean he won’t uphold them. And earlier this week, that’s exactly what Justice officials did.

The Washington Post was one of several media outlets taken aback by Sessions’s ability to put his duty above his personal beliefs. When the government’s lawyers sided with the court on the 10-foot “bubble,” liberals were surprised. Surely Sessions, like his predecessor, would use his power to further his pro-life agenda. But, in the latest evidence that this isn’t Obama’s Washington, the attorney general did what he promised in his confirmation hearings and enforced the legislation on the books. After all, as a former senator, Sessions knows better than anyone that if people don’t like the law, it’s up to Congress — not the executive branch — to change it.

Of course, the FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) Act also applies to religious institutions. Like abortion clinics, churches are also protected from protestors who might interrupt worship services or cause a disturbance. Unfortunately for Christians, that side of the policy has been rarely enforced. But liberals shouldn’t be surprised if that changes, now that Sessions has established that he’ll impartially apply the law. And in a country increasingly hostile to religion, that’s exactly the neutrality Americans have been waiting for.


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