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Image credit: DoD photo by Master Sgt. Ken Hammond, U.S. Air Force

Department of Defense Dollars: MIA after Transgender Vote?


If Republicans go along with Obama’s “sex-changes-for-the-troops” idea, it could cost them a lot more than $3.7 billion! It may cost them their defense budget. Turns out, the military’s top leaders aren’t the only ones steaming about the Left’s transgender push. So are voters. Calls and emails have been pouring into members’ offices since 23 Republicans helped sink the funding ban on pricy gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy. Obviously, taxpayers are tired of bearing the brunt of this extremism — especially when they elected a new president to stop it. Like us, they’ve watched with horror this stunning shift, as more politicians turn themselves inside out to change bathroom rules, military policy, sports eligibility, and school curriculum to normalize this wave of gender anarchy. And they’ve had enough.

Honestly, the only thing our military should be transitioning out of is this confused policy. Members are getting that message loud and clear from voters, who are lighting up phones on Capitol Hill to demand a return to military priorities — not a continuation of Obama’s radical social agenda. Conservative members, a lot of whom went slack-jawed at their party’s defection on the issue, are drawing a line in the sand. A growing chorus of them are insisting: There will be no support for a funding boost in the Make America Secure Act until the White House stops this runaway transgender train.

In a letter to Congress, FRC made it clear that we won’t back down. “Funding the military should not include funding sex-reassignment surgery or hormone therapy intended to change a person’s gender. Providing sex-reassignment surgery for service members is not a part of providing for the common defense. Indeed, it undermines the purpose of the military, which is to fight and win wars. In addition, even the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services under [Obama’s] administration admitted that there are not sufficient studies to show that sex-reassignment surgery actually helps the patient.”

If the military wants to lower its suicide rate, free sex changes won’t do it. In fact, as FRC’s Peter Sprigg points out, it will almost certainly make matters worse. People who undergo these radical surgeries are 19 times more likely to kill themselves than the national average, scientists have found. That certainly seems to undermine the Left’s argument that giving the gender-confused everything they ask for will solve their problems. On the contrary, it may hurt them more. If liberals truly cared about helping these suffering people, it should work to free Americans — not further enslave them — from this destructive lifestyle. Either way, taxpayers shouldn’t be stuck with the tab, which, according to some estimates, runs as much as $110,450 each.

Unfortunately, that’s nothing compared to the cost in military readiness. While ISIS marches across the Middle East and North Korea threatens from afar, our troops would lose an estimated 1.5 million training hours to “sensitivity” classes and politically-correct distractions like this one. But all is far from lost! Members of Congress like Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), Scott Perry (R-Pa.), and Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) who were discouraged by their colleagues’ betrayal on such a clear-cut issue have new hope from your overwhelming response. Don’t stop now! Keep those calls and emails coming. We have to hold the line against this radical fringe before they impose their anti-science views on sexuality on the entire country. Keep standing!


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