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Bishop Edir Macedo: Jesus Never Talked about Homosexuality


Protestant denominations are divided, especially in the United States, between the liberal stance, prevalent among mainline Protestant churches, supporting the gay agenda and the conservative stance, prevalent among evangelical, Pentecostal and charismatic churches, countering this predatory agenda.

The division is so intense that recently when Rev. Eugene Peterson, creator of “The Message” Bible, tried to support homosexual “marriage” (a liberal stance already common in his denomination, the Presbyterian Church USA), the conservative backlash was immediate, making Peterson backtrack. But the Presbyterian Church USA, which is the largest U.S. Presbyterian denomination, insists on the stance.

Other mainline Protestant denominations are also embracing a liberal stance regarding the homosexual sin.

In Brazil, the only neo-Pentecostal exception has been the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), which does not criticize the liberal stance, but has attacked the conservative stance.

The official website of UCKG announced in 2015 that its founder, Bishop Edir Macedo, said,

“There are many evangelicals, ministers and churches raising a flag against the homosexual movement and against homosexual marriage. I ask: Would Jesus do it if He were living in our time? I do not believe that He would do it, because in His time there were homosexuals and Jesus did not speak anything. Jesus did not raise a flag, saying, ‘Look, you should speak up against homosexuality, that it is forbidden, that it should not be done.’”

After this comment, Macedo was awarded the Gay Oscar 2015, from the Gay Group of Bahia, founded by Luiz Mott, the most prominent homosexual activist in Brazil.

Macedo could also say, “How many times did Jesus talk about child abuse? How many times did Jesus talk about child sex abusers? Jesus did not raise a flag against child sex abuse, saying, ‘Look, you should speak up against child sex abuse.”

Actually, Jesus never talked against child sex abuse and child sex abusers.

Should you then remove the gay agenda and child sex abuse from Christian concerns just because Jesus never mentioned them directly?

Jesus just did not attack head-on the homosexual agenda because this was not the obsession in the Jewish society where he preached the Gospel. Each generation has its own challenges and special attention. Without the Holy Spirit to guide us in God’s Word, it is impossible to give an answer to these challenges and special attentions.

In this point, it is important to give attention to Luther’s words,

“If I declare openly, with the loudest voice and the clearest expression, each portion of God’s truth, except precisely the tiny portion that the world and the devil are, in this time, attacking, then I am not really confessing Christ, however much I may cry aloud that I am confessing Him.”

The necessary question is: Why does not Bishop Edir Macedo criticize the liberal stance, but has attacked the conservative stance against the gay agenda?

Apparently Macedo made his controversial comments for sheer provocation, to be not seen as imitating Assemblies of God minister Silas Malafaia and other Brazilian neo-Pentecostal leaders who are spearheading (“raising a flag”) the fight against gay “marriage” and other gay agenda’s demands, including homosexual indoctrination of children demanded by gay predators. He does not want to be seen as an imitator of conservative evangelicals.

But the UCKG founder is not a pioneer when “supporting homosexuals.” The Presbyterian Church (USA) has been doing much more than this for years. It marries homosexuals. It supports abortion — just as Macedo does.

Even if UCKG begins to marry homosexuals, there will not be anything new in this apostasy. The Presbyterian Church USA is in the forefront and vanguard.

Macedo is just a cheap imitator. He has a fancy apartment in the U.S. and he has lived several years in the U.S. It seems that in his stay in the U.S., he chose the influence of more liberal Protestants, even though the U.S. has many fine conservative evangelicals.

Macedo has also imitated cessationism, a heretical doctrine predominant in the Presbyterian Church USA. This extra-biblical doctrine teaches that God does not speak today through prophecies, revelations and dreams. Calvinist theologians as John MacArthur in the U.S. and Augustus Nicodemus in Brazil believe and promote this doctrine. Even not being a Calvinist, Edir Macedo also believes and promotes this doctrine.

In fact, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, where Nicodemus was a chancellor, has homosexualist professors and it is defended by gay activists.

So Macedo’s cessationist stance is mere imitation of radical Presbyterians’ and Calvinists’ cessationist stances.

What is left of “Pentecostalism” in UCKG is perhaps just demon-expelling. Its prosperity gospel is totally based on “determining” with Sola Scriptura (totally rejecting prophecies and revelations), highly reminding old Calvinism, which actually saw prosperity as a sign of election.

UCKG totally rejects the possibility of a Christian to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit today because it believes in Sola Scriptura.

UCKG totally rejects the gift of prophecy today because it believes in Sola Scriptura.

UCKG totally rejects the possibility of a Christian to receive revelations from the Holy Spirit today because it believes in Sola Scriptura.

UCKG totally believes that prophecies and revelations today are demonic because it believes in Sola Scriptura.

UCKG says that it believes “only in the Bible,” whose Latin translation is “Sola Scriptura” — the form preferred by Calvinists, because it seems intellectually more elegant. At the end, UCKG and the Presbyterian Church USA use Sola Scriptura to support what God has never supported and will never support: abortion and cessationism.

Abortion is to kill an innocent life in the mother’s womb. Cessationism is to kill spiritual life in the church. No Christian has authority, theological or otherwise, to kill what God gives.

Macedo’s pro-homosexuality and pro-abortion stance is mere imitation of the Presbyterian Church USA’s left-wing stances.

Even though imperfectly, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is, as far as cessationism, homosexuality and abortion are concerned, a cheap imitation of the Presbyterian Church USA.

Coincidentally, Marcelo Crivella, mayor of Rio de Janeiro and former UCKG bishop, chose to head a LGBT advocacy department Nélio Georgini, a Presbyterian homosexual activist, who has a male sexual partner. Crivella is a Macedo’s relative.

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is a syncretic chimera: It is the first and only pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality cessationist neo-Pentecostal church in Brazil.

Yet, if Macedo wants to be a perfect imitator, he will have to do much more than just “supporting homosexuals,” which for him means not to fight gay “marriage” and other gay agenda’s demands, including homosexual indoctrination of children demanded by gay predators. The Presbyterian Church USA has already been holding gay weddings and it has already been ordaining homosexual ministers.

When will UCKG begin to hold homosexual weddings and ordain homosexual ministers?

Portuguese version of this article: Bispo Macedo: Jesus nunca falou contra o homossexualismo


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