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FBI Warns: Beware ‘Smart Toys’ Could Spy on Your Kids


Anytime anyone tries to hornswoggle you with a product or a service or a public policy which he describes as ‘smart,’ turn around and walk the other way. ‘Cause what’s ‘smart’ for them is gonna be bad for you! You know–like ‘smart growth’ is going to destroy your town.

The FBI has warned consumers about ‘spy toys’ or ‘smart toys’ packed full of sensors, cameras, microphones, and GPS locators which can record children’s conversations, track their movements, and show their locations. Click the Sun article for the names of toy companies that are selling these.

As written at The Sun:

The FBI said toys fitted with microphones can “record and collect conversations within earshot of the device”, gathering information such as the child’s name, school, activities and “likes and dislikes”.

Other gadgets require kids to file a picture when starting a user account or hand over date of birth or address, which could be used in identity fraud.

We are not told exactly who is watching, listening to, and tracking these children. The Sun dares to use the world “perverts”–which I’m sure is hat speach and like so un-inclusive…

We are also not told what kind of schlumpf buys something like this for his kids. So what was so bad about a plain old teddy bear?

Boy, does Godlessness bear strange and bitter fruit! All this crazy s*** springs from our self-imposed estrangement from Our Lord Jesus Christ, the only one who can save us from it.

None of it is really smart at all.


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