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Church aiding in America’s Decline

fsac.1a34277 John Vachon 1942 or 1943 Church near Junction City, Kansas

Is the Church Aiding America’s Decline?


One of a very few facts that the majority of Americans can agree on that the nation is in deep and perilous trouble.  Many will disagree about the manner in which our nation is failing and we debate ferociously over what can and should be done to reverse the current trend.  But most anyone with a pulse can see that the United States is hurling toward a point of no return.   

How did America plummet from its pinnacle as the world’s most powerful, prosperous and righteous nation in the last century to the depth of weakness and wickedness that we experience today?  It happened as these things always occur–slowly and persistently through an endless series of moral and ethical compromises.  Like the proverbial frog in a kettle of water heating on a stove, death comes slowly and nearly without notice, although the end is assured.  One of the most insidious ways through which our plunge was accomplished is the acceptance of secular euphemisms.  

Satan’s earliest recorded ploy in the Garden of Eden was to distort God’s righteous law into what must have sounded to Eve like a harsh and unreasonable demand.  He went further to deny the ultimate consequences of violating that law.  The human race has paid for this tragic deception with seas of blood and the death of every member.  In our nation, we have an entire sector of the population that is devoted to calling things what they are not while denying the obvious and ruinous penalties of sin.  

Whether by ignorance, by cowardice, or by a desire to placate the culture, individual Christians and even whole churches have embraced many similar deceptions and helped to spread their lethal effects.  The abominations of sodomy and lesbianism are glossed-over and hidden from the minds of people through the euphemism “gay.”  The Church often traffics in the softer-sounding deceptive moniker under the misguided notion that it is kinder than the stark reality.  But does a lie become kind or righteous simply as a result of intent?

The American abortion holocaust has resulted in the deaths of 60 million people–ten times the number of Jews killed by Hitler’s Nazi regime, but the word “abortion” is rarely used in public.  We express the brutal procedure as “freedom of choice,” “a woman’s right to choose,” or “reproductive freedom,” ignoring the human and emotional costs to everyone involved.  As a U.S. senator, Barack Hussein Obama callously described an inconvenient pregnancy as being “punished with a baby,” and was elected in spite of his malicious justification for spilling innocent blood.

Euphemisms are deceptions used by rebellious people to denigrate God’s righteous standard of justice and to obscure truth.  Thus, capital punishment is redefined as “cruel and inhumane” while murder victims are defamed or forgotten.  The wealthy are accused of “profiting unfairly” and the godless preach to the masses what is “the right thing to do.”  In news reports, transvestites are now referred to as “transgendered women,” even though a transgendered woman is nothing more than a man pretending to be a woman.  

The use of euphemisms to hide, confuse, or camouflage the truth of sin is never a kind or innocuous act.  No one comes to recovery from drug abuse or alcoholism, or turns from sexual sin before he or she first recognizes the horrible truth of their actions.  Only when confronted with the damage these vices cause, can the individual decide that the cost is unacceptably high.  Then, lives can be restored.  

Recent history clearly demonstrates that American culture is rotting from the bottom up rather than from the top down.  Christians have the answers to all of our nation’s problems, but have been intimidated into silence.  

The Church alone has access to the wisdom of God.  Contrary to the deceptive revisionist history of secularists, America was built by Christians as a nation dedicated to freedom in order for its citizens to freely worship the one true God and fulfill His purposes.  If the nation’s future is relegated to the ungodly who cannot appreciate it’s unique place in the world and who are unwilling to preserve it, the nation we love and enjoy will perish from the earth.  

Christians must reject the euphemistic lies of Satan who calls things that are good, evil and those that are evil, good.  The truth of God makes men and women free.  Lies in any form have only one purpose–to ensnare and enslave.  


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