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Donald Trump indecise

Trump Presidency Assaulted by the Deep State of Unaccountable Govt Operatives


As a reluctant Trump supporter – I didn’t endorse him until it was clear he was the last option to stop the criminal Hillary Clinton from becoming president – I’m now officially saddened about his presidency.

Not because he hasn’t done good things. He has.

The Supreme Court appointment alone was worth the price of admission, even as steep as that’s turning out to be. Add to that rolling back countless Big Government intrusions and costly regulations and already Trump has done more for liberty and freedom than the last two Bush presidencies combined.

Trump has proven to be a stalwart supporter of life and religious freedom in the face of a relentless assault on both by the secular, godless culture that steers political outcomes in the capital.

The Trump presidency properly reflects the peoples’ opposition to being forced to accept potentially deadly-dangerous unvetted, and unvettable “refugees” from places where thousands, if not millions, openly desire to destroy the Great Satan, which is their name for our country.

It took courage and wisdom for Trump to get off the global warming bus to disaster, offending and greatly disappointing the opportunists who ride that fraudulent scheme to gain ever more control over your life and to make you pay for it with new taxes and higher prices, adding insult to injury.

Trump’s record hasn’t been bad at all in his first six months in office. But Trump’s inherently clumsy, amateurish behavior looks increasingly like it will be his undoing.

No, there’s no evidence Trump “colluded” with Russians to rig his election and Clinton’s defeat. But the steady drip, drip, drip of damaging leaks by imbedded Obama and Clinton supporters still operating within the federal government gives the left-leaning media a daily drum beat to bury Trump and scare off congressional support, making it harder every day for his presidency to survive, let alone to advance his agenda. As long as he’s in office, the leaks will continue, if not accelerate. Already, he can’t even get routine appointments approved in Congress to staff his administration.

If anything has been rigged, there is far more evidence that it’s the case against Trump. Just count the obvious fake news “scoops” so numerous they’ve morphed into a continual drone of bad vibes. The average person may be hard-pressed to recall the last trumped up scandal. But Average Joe knows there is one. The press won’t let him forget it.

You can forget about sorting out all the scurrilous charges and accusations. The details have ceased to matter, and the Trump opposition and the media they are in bed with know it. All that matters is the incessant drum beat, the vague sense that Trump has done wrong, somewhere, sometime, somehow.

Trump has been played like a fiddle by his enemies, which clearly include key members of the Justice Department and FBI hierarchy, whom he was forced to fire, too late as it turns out.

That’s why this warming from Wall Street Journal columnist Holman W. Jenkins is sadly prescient:

“Now an investigation is under way. Even if special counsel Robert Mueller dispenses with collusion, even if he runs out the string on obstruction, is it conceivable that a competent prosecutor—with the 185,053-page code of federal regulations in one hand and Mr. Trump’s every loan application, conservation easement, etc. in the other—won’t find something, and probably 100 somethings?” Jenkins asks.

“The relevant text here isn’t the Watergate memoirs … but ‘Three Felonies a Day’ by Boston civil-rights lawyer Harvey Silverglate, who says the government can always find something on anyone.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Silvergate’s book, it’s worth getting familiar with. It is a scorching indictment of a government grown too big, become too unaccountable and too metastasized into a beast of Orwellian proportions. “Three Felonies a Day” is the federal counterpart to the old adage that a district attorney can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.

If you haven’t broken a law, just give the government time and it will find one that you have transgressed. It’s what government does. It has 185,053 pages of potential offenses to make fit your case.

And that’s the ultimate sadness. Our government long ago became a behemoth designed to serve and protect itself. Rather than protecting God-given rights, government now protects the “rights” it has assumed over your life.

It’s truly sad that a presidency that has done so much good can be undone by what some call The Deep State of unaccountable, faceless government operatives and their sharp knives in the media. But the greater sadness is that Americans awoke in 2016 to the frauds and oppressions forced upon them, from global warming alarmism to politically correct immigration, only to have those who hold real power sabotage the man they chose to fix it.

I confess to being a liberty zealot. But my zealotry is weak tea compared to the stuff of Trump’s most loyal backers, who from Day 1 have been drawn to the crude oafishness he exemplifies. He may be a crude oaf, they seem to say. But he’s our crude oaf.

The problem is, they, like Trump, are oblivious to the cumulative self-inflicted damage wrought by one bumbling act after another. The appropriate response to an intermediary promising dirt from a foreign government on a political opponent is to alert the FBI. Instead, Trump Junior recorded in an email: “if it’s what you say I love it.”

The fake news and phony accusations alone might have been enough to scuttle the Trump presidency, but aided and abetted by Trumpish naivety, the process is accelerating. It’s reported that Vice President Mike Pence is preparing for his presidency, should his boss be removed or resign as a result of the onslaught.

Worse things could happen. Pence is a good man and no political novice, therefore better equipped to survive the battering from the left, the Deep State and the media.

What the Trump opposition may not have considered in their rush to remove the man they despise is what a Pence presidency will be capable of. Once the 50% of the nation that backed Trump over Clinton becomes enraged anew by the unjust removal of the man they voted in, Pence may have an even greater mandate, and even more political capital to spend.

If the opposition is discomforted by Trump, their discomfort could significantly ratchet up if Americans conclude that Democrats and the media gave their president a raw deal. Imagine a Trump presidency absent the buffoonery, armed with savvy political instincts and supported by a re-energized base seeking revenge. Trump’s opponents ought to be wary. They should be careful what they wish for.


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