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Still NeverTrump ? Ted Cruz Isn’t


I was #NeverTrump as long as Ted Cruz still had a chance.

That’s public knowledge.

However, I don’t see the value in continuing to be obsessed with opposing Trump.

From what I have seen on Facebook all the old Ted Cruz support groups are now Trump bashing groups. Ted himself voted for Trump. He now supports him on some things and opposes him on others.

Why can’t his supporters, of which I am still one, be as reasonable?

Can’t forgive Donald for #LyinTed ?

That’s a tough one for me, but the Bible says you have to or God won’t forgive you.

Can’t forgive the President for not denouncing the Enquirer articles of Rafael Cruz being part of the JFK assassination plot?


Orange skin, small hands, stair phobias, Russian collusion, on and on and on.

Senator Cruz, while flattered by your continued support, would likely quietly slide away from you at a public event to distance himself from the #NeverTrump “principled conservatism” that gets tossed around in these groups if you started spouting it in his presence.

Let that sink in my friends.

I love you all and wept with you when Cruz dropped after the Indiana Primary.

I get it, trust me.

I wrote my share of infamous Trump bashing articles, which I still haven’t apologized for or deleted, nor will I, but I will not continue to stand against the man that God himself has placed a bulwark against the luciferian liberal progessive movement in America even if I would have preferred Ted Cruz to be that bulwark.

If you believe that liberal progressivism is the spiritual wickedness in high places spoken of in Ephesians, and I know most of you do, how do you reconcile your opposition to the first President to make a conscious effort to stomp a mudhole in the Liberal agenda in 35 years?

CNN has been the Global Source for Liberal Propaganda for 37 years and they are falling apart right before our eyes !

I don’t care if Trump is a Christian or not, I don’t care if he believes in the Constitution, The Bible or Conservatism in his heart; I only care that he opposes the Democratic party and does conservative things that benefit the increasingly persecuted church in America, and that should be all you care about as well.

Please spare me the “Trump is a Liberal Progressive” rhetoric. If that were true Neil Gorsuch wouldn’t be on the Supreme Court.

That one single move may have given American Christians and Conservatives a 30 year stay of execution from the Liberal left activist judges currently on the bench.

Donald Trump’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch alone may have made America great again, regardless of anything else he does.

And no, the Trump Presidency it isn’t a “long con” by the Liberals, can you even hear yourselves?

The Democrats didn’t need Donald Trump  to play “double agent” to put us in chains, all they needed was a Hillary win and they almost got it.

If Hillary or Bernie had won, the Government would have continued tracking your Facebook and Twitter accounts, adding you to their list of “Right Wing Fundamentalist Christian Nutjob Terrorists ” (which I and many writers at already are) and continued preparations to round us all up and put us in cages.

Obama, the NSA and the IRS already had these proceedings well underway.

If you have ever believed anything in your whole life.

Believe that.

So my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, please, I love you all. Drop to your knees and thank God Hillary didn’t win. Donald Trump may not be who any of us wanted, but he is the one God decided to give the job to and you are obligated to pray for him, even if you don’t like him or agree with him.

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior…
1 Timothy 2:1-3

If you disagree, take it up with God.

He wrote it.

Not me.


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