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If Not For You, How about For Your Children?


Way back on Mother’s Day, we decide to pull a 180 on the children and take them for an ice cream dinner (you read that right….ice cream).

The kids giggled at the thought of such decadence, I grabbed a bottle of pain relievers and prepared for the aftermath.

Once we had ingested enough ice cream to cover the arctic surface, we set them loose in Toys r Us (who I’m happy to report have ceased all funding to the ‘Planned Parent-hoods’).

Just at the moment in which their pupils started to quiver and dilate in response to the endless selections of Barbies and Nerf guns, none other than the voice of the shift-manager came over the intercom. She was alerting shoppers that the moment of their closing would come at five… was then 4:45.

I worked retail, I understand trying to close up and having to encourage entitled shoppers to hurry up and allow us to get home at a normal hour. So when the girl….er…..guy… girl approached me to ask if I needed any help (translated: What will it take for you to go…like now?!), I understood and started to herd the cats towards the double-doors.

As I walked out the door, I couldn’t help but wonder if that was a girl or a guy that had encouraged us to go.Sam is part of an alarming trend of youth wanting to fit into what is an attempt at a third distinction of social genders.

In a world where there is this push for a third option, other than spoon or fork, I cannot blame Sam, for wanting to be the new standout “spork”.

I’m sure, by now, that the World has heard of the supposedly gender neutral baby in Canada (if us Canadians cannot get on the map any other way, I guess “freaky” is always our default).

The more confused you are, the more popular you become. You join a class of people that span the globe, protesting and rioting, for reasons unknown (even to them). No deductive, fact producing person can look at the reasons to create a third sexual distinction as reasonable or justifiable or even needed for that matter. The population of transgenders is not even close to warranting the media attention they are getting. But

they have learned from the outspoken homosexual community, that squeaky wheel gets the grease.

True empirical science tell us its Xx or Yy; there’re no natural in-betweens. Those who say otherwise slash at testable science. Imposter Bill Nye (The Not Nearly Educated Enough Guy To Be Pretending that ‘He All That!’), has pushed an “anything goes” eisegesis of empirical science textbooks, (interpreting science through man made social constructs).

You know, Bill Nye the guy with the bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (no Masters, honorary PHD)? Billy has realized what it takes to be heard in mainstream media, and so he has thrown caution to the wind and has now been hired by Netflix to pretend he’s a scientist who must have just happened to glean by osmosis all knowledge ever recorded by homo sapiens.

Must have. Watching his Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World left me feeling like I needed a shower and a good scrub. In one scene some perverse female comedian rapped and gyrated to lyrics that would make even a drunk Madonna blush. In the background was bowtie choked Nye, dancing like a character from The Big Bang on ‘methamphetamines’.

He too affirms gender identity as science. Shameful.

Underneath all this mess, are our youth. They, like sitting ducks, become transgender-defenders, simply to fit in with what is trendy. The result has been a subculture devoted to the ‘de-sexxing’ of society. As much as they tout their plight as an attempt at equality, by way of adding a third sexual identity, what they are actually doing is “socially” erasing all genders and making a different animal altogether the Whatever.

The Whatever does whatever, eats whatever and sleeps with whomever whenever. The whatever doesn’t dress overly feminine, or overly masculine. Tomorrow, they may want to kiss a boy and the day following, a girl. Their goal is a sexless society.

They are huge on the right to kill infants through abortion but will chain themselves to “Burning-man” in protest to overt ‘tadpole abuse’. Why do they need kids? They have dogs, and cats. Dogs and cats allow them the freedom to focus on themselves.

It’s a slippery slope folks. Especially when you see science continue to champion trends as truth. We as The Church, do a good job of burying our heads in the sand in hope that when we come up for air, the problems will have disappeared. But the truth is, our silence, and unwillingness to put any time or effort into something that doesn’t immediately reward us, has caused Whatevers to make leaps and bounds in social society.

Just think of how much roadway the LGBTQ movement has made. Like I’ve written before, we’ve seen a jump from The Closet, to LGBTQ Clergy to gay Disney characters in only a short amount of time. If we continue to sleep on it, who knows what we will find when we come to again (perhaps heterosexuality itself becoming outlawed?).

I mean, we rarely preach the Gospel to these people, mainly because we know that The Gospel draws lines in the sand with the truth. And we as the Perma-grin generation (I don’t want to confront! No matter what!), think being uncomfortable is worse than a season in Hades itself. We have to convey to such as these, that they are perishing. You are perishing!

Yes, it’s uncomfortable to bump heads with those around us who have been lulled in to such weak thinking. Yes our justice system has now become the Inquisition Executioner (as well as bounty-hunter, judge and jury). Nonetheless we are called present a gospel in order to rescue these confused children of ours.

This will definitely take some boycott warfare such as the avoiding of buying products from companies that champion LGBTQ or Transgender lifestyles. I’ve not had a Starbucks coffee since their CEO told Christians to sell their shares (believe me…I was a regular).

To the chagrin of my children, I’ve avoided outwardly anti-Christian mega company Disney like the plague (even their Star Wars stuff! Tough for my generation!). This will take discipline, and self denial (something North Americans fail at miserably).

Before you say that boycotting doesn’t work, I’d like to remind you again of Toys R Us listening to their customers and subsequently pulling their support from the Planned Parent-hoods after thousands of Americans and Canadians took their dollars elsewhere once finding out that they were indirectly supporting infanticide. The issue has never been “Does boycotting work?”, but is instead “Can people deny themselves carnal


Speak out! Pray for the confused (remember: they do or will rub shoulders with your children). Refuse an attempt at a third gender identity.

Avoid the fuzzy imposter that calls itself “love” and avoids absolute truth.

See this life as just the vapor it is; do battle in the ‘heavenlies’ and avoid a millstone around your necks by way of omission!

Arise my Christians! If not for you, how about for your Children?


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