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Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski

You’re Wrong If You Don’t Despise the Media


Media are hysterical as their influence wanes. And as people increasingly see them for who they really are, they fanatically say that despising them is wrong. The opposite, of course, is true. You’re wrong if you don’t despise the media.

Media are so desperate about their loss of power that they are spreading the lie that we are encouraging violence against them by properly identifying their lies and wrongdoings.

The absurdity of this accusation is only surpassed by how disgusting it is for them to believe that we should have no choice but to worship them.

So this despicable lie is one reason why you’re wrong if you don’t despise the media. But it is far from the only one.

Media have advocated for Islamic terrorists and against the United States for nearly two decades. They slant news reports in favor of the terrorists. They do the same with the movies and pop culture they produce.

They call us scum and worse for wanting a sovereign United States of America. They back the illegal alien invasion, colonization, and takeover of the U.S. They’re so bold in this evil that they ridicule and scold us for not praising them for trying to eliminate us.

They slander us as hate-filled and wanting to kill children all the while they back abortion, and while they back sexually abusing and mutilating children with “transgenderism” and other unspeakable crimes against nature.

We listen to them lecture us and demand civility right before they call us sexist, misogynistic, racist, bigoted homophobes. For over a year-and-a-half they called us Nazis and encouraged their progressive followers to attack us. And they didn’t feel a bit of guilt about that. They didn’t accept any blame for the violence they caused against us.

This isn’t surprising, of course. This is the same media that have encouraged progressive terrorists to riot and burn down cities.

And in one of their latest acts of evil, the media have decided to rewrite the history on James Hodgkinson shooting Republican lawmakers. Hodgkinson was a progressive and supporter of the Marxist Bernie Sanders. But the media are busy burying that truth. They would now have you believe that it was Donald Trump, conservative talk radio, and anyone who opposes progressivism who radicalized Hodgkinson and caused him to attack Republicans.

Media reject the truth. They are its enemy just as they are the enemy of the American people. So when you hear them say that to tell the truth about their lies is wrong, you can tell them they’re wrong. And you can also tell them it would be wrong if you didn’t despise them.


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