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Trump in Poland

The Left Truly Despises Western Civilization

By Jack from the East

A famous conservative writer (I can’t remember who) once asked someone (I can’t remember who) how to write two columns a week. The person who got the question responded (this is a paraphrase), “Find two things that enrage you, and write about them.” I remember this exchange (you wouldn’t think as much based on all these asides) because I haven’t written anything in a while. The time just hasn’t been there for me to write anything, regardless of how enraged I get about what goes on in this world. However, since I have 1/2 a week of vacation left and I sense something enraging me, I am going to write something. Let’s just say that the unhinged Left will serve as my muse. As it usually does.

And here we go:

Once again, the Left is becoming unhinged. Or maybe they were never hinged to begin with, it’s hard to tell these days. Aside from the usual, Trump’s speech in Warsaw this past week has left more than a few people in a foaming-at-the-mouth rage. This speech might be the best one of his presidency (I say that as a staunch critic) insomuch as it was an unapologetic defense of Western Civilization and a rallying cry to stand up for it. This of course, led to outrage from the Left because … well because … well because that’s what they do.

Let’s start with Peter Beinart in the Atlantic:

In his speech in Poland on Thursday, Donald Trump referred 10 times to “the West” and five times to “our civilization.” His white nationalist supporters will understand exactly what he means. It’s important that other Americans do, too.

… The West is a racial and religious term. To be considered Western, a country must be largely Christian (preferably Protestant or Catholic) and largely white.

To put it frankly, this is absurd. “The West” is short hand for Western Civilization. You know, the civilization that people like Peter Beinart are the inheritors of and beneficiaries of, even though you wouldn’t know it from his idiotic missive. Western Civilization is linked to Western Christendom and such ideas as the Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the founding of the United States of America. While these are ideas formulated by white men, the beneficiaries of these ideas know no skin color.

All of our freedoms and our rights are inherited from the formation of Western Civilization. Any society that knows any semblance of liberty and democracy owes it to the West and those ideas that sprung from those “old, white men.”

But the Left thinks it’s racist to point this out. Lest you think this idiocy is limited to the Atlantic, the Washington Post gets into the act with a piece by Jonathan Capehart entitled, “Trump’s white-nationalist dog whistles in Warsaw.” Capehart appears to have soiled himself because Trump listed the accomplishments of the West, and among them he listed symphonies. Here is Capehart’s rather deluded response to Trump invoking symphonies:

What on Earth does that have to do with anything? It’s bad enough Trump is doing the one thing his predecessors studiously avoided: engaging in the battle-of-civilizations talk that inflames anger and tensions with Muslims, particularly in the Middle East. In that one line, taken in context with everything else Trump said, what I heard was the loudest of dog whistles. A familiar boast that swells the chests of white nationalists everywhere.

Here’s a fact for you, Jonathan: Trump is correct to call this a clash of civilizations. Part of the problem heretofore is that everyone desperately wants to play your little game and pretend it isn’t a clash of civilizations.

And here is where we get to the rub: The Left hates Western Civilization. They hate every basic precept of the West, from liberal democracy to its Christian roots to the foundations of the free market and free enterprise. The modern Left, wholly and fanatically wedded to the idea of central planning, loathes the West because it’s a direct contrast and a rebuke to those who believe central planners should be able to remake societies in their own image. The Left loathes the West because the thriving of the West undermines their claims that never-ending government intervention and denial of natural rights is good for a society.

For more proof of how much the Left hates the West, we go back to this astonishing claim by Beinart:

Ideologically, what links the current American and Polish governments is not their commitment to democracy—both are increasingly authoritarian. It is their hostility to Muslim immigration.

Poland, where Trump delivered this speech, is facing pressure from the sanctimonious weasels of the EU for not undermining their own society by accepting hordes of Muslim refugees, some of whom are Islamic terrorists. Because Poland, along with the rest of Eastern Europe is not hungry to allow the problems we see in England, France, and Germany into their own borders, they are racist. And since Trump has made a sovereign American border his priority, he is also a racist. See, folks? Western Civilization is code for “white people” because white people founded Western Civilization and want to keep non-white people out. This is what passes for “thinking” on the Left. It’s nothing more than trashing your own civilization and propping as morally superior backwards cultures that eat each other alive when they’re not plotting to kill us all.

No matter how many times Islamists commit mass amounts of carnage in the West, morally obtuse leftists like Beinart and Capehart will always root against the West. Because as members-in-good-standing of the Left, they have to believe that the root of all evil is in the white, Western world. Non-whites in the non-Western world can’t be evil because they are non-whites in the non-Western world. Race is the obsession now because the Democrats are all about intersectionality and identity politics to undermine social cohesion. But before using race to undermine the West, Democrats were all about standing with the Soviet menace and all its puppet regimes to undermine the West.

The simple fact here is that the Left’s criticism of Trump’s speech is idiotic to its core. The content of what Trump said is indisputably true and it’s also not controversial. The only way to make it sound controversial is to start talking about “dog whistles” and the other inanities the Left likes to dream up when trying to discredit the United States and by extension, all of Western Civilization.

There was a time when what Trump said in Poland would have elicited no reaction because it would have been seen as common sense. It’s still common sense, but as we’ve seen throughout the modern era, common sense isn’t as common as we’d like to think it is.


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