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Trump Pulls Out of Paris Accord

President Donald Trump: Big Bully or Justified Fighter and Truth Teller?

Editor’s note: Mitch Graves is a regular BarbWire reader, and frequently comments on articles and posts on our Facebook page. This one especially resonated with me and I asked and received permission to publish at the site. Thanks for your great commentary and for faithfully reading our articles, Mitch! Obviously, BarbWire has attracted some terrific, critical thinkers! Tami Jackson


By Mitch Graves

Okay, please note the distinction I am making between President Trump’s specific words and his actions. I will not even try to defend all of the things he says; some seem ridiculous, some seem inane, some seem on point.

I will defend his right to defend himself, even to his own hurt. And even beyond defending that right, I applaud the instinct.

It is fundamental to Natural Law that we have the right to defend ourselves. I routinely was exasperated with George W. Bush (GWB) because he refused to respond to vicious lies thus allowing the ignorant to believe the lies and the liars to chortle up their sleeves.

I believe GWB was trying to be dignified, and perhaps live his understanding of ‘Christian’ by doing this, but I think is was a serious mistake.

Despite POTUS’ less than perfect way of addressing these attacks, at the very least President Trump is not making the same mistake.

Truth, and propagating that truth, is a higher goal than appearing dignified. CHRIST put spreading truth above HIS own reputation and HE was pretty mean and confrontational to the liars he met.

So what are the downsides?

Some claim he is losing the respect of the public. But GBW lost the respect of most of the public too because the media beat him like a red headed step child every single day. So you can hardly make the case that the outcome is worse.

Some say he looks ‘less presidential’. Okay, but I think that depends on one’s perspective. We’d all like to see dignity in the office, but when the media bullies every leader who does not believe as they do, they are the ones who are doing, by far, the most to sully the office holder.

I sincerely believe one would be hard pressed to prove that this president is held in much , if any, lower esteem because he fights back. He is certainly held in somewhat lower esteem by those on the fascist side of the spectrum because of what he fights for, and especially because he is winning.

The media and the left have gotten quite used to their role as the baddest boys on the block and they have come to expect to continuously defeat, or at least impair all conservative efforts.

But now we have the House, the Senate, and the SCOTUS, and exactly where did we imagine they’d focus their wrath? Of COURSE they are targeting the head guy! Wound the chief and scatter the Indians, right?

And the fact that this ‘chief’ is quick to ‘count coup’ on his enemies may well give them another angle to criticize him but it can hardly be said to be the reason they criticize him.

Face the fact: They were coming for him regardless.

And frankly, hearing them whine about how mean he is rather than lie about his goals or motives is a nice change.

I’d love to see him hire a “striker” to rebut the lying lefties and when he wants to hit back tweet a mean, but measured retort with a link that leads to a thorough rebuttal written or videoed by the striker.

So ‘Morning Joe’ makes a stupid video; the striker finds talent to make one twice as mean and twice the quality.

Mika says the president has mental problems; the striker digs up all the weird clips of Mika acting the fool and posts them as a single video.

Call it the conservative version of “pay to play”. Scorched earth these dirt bags.

Anyone who has made it to adulthood with an IQ over 60 should know by then that there is only one thing that stops bullies; that is when they run into a power greater than their own. The more furious they become, the more their irrationality shows through.

President Trump is jabbing their buttons as if he was the one who installed them. And as much as I’d like to have editorial control over his tweets and remarks, sometimes I VASTLY prefer his willingness to fight back over the past passivity of those in his place.

So I am going to pray for the quality of his responses and not that they be curtailed. I’d like my fellow believers to join me and watch the ever deceitful left be humiliated and exposed to all the reasonable Americans who have been deluded.




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