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History Channel? What History? Mickey Mouse History That Is


Today is the anniversary of the climactic moment of the Battle of Gettysburg–Pickett’s Charge. Having been unsuccessful in trying to break the Union Army on its flanks, Robert E. Lee attacked the middle of the line: and lost a whole infantry division, and the battle.

Well, the History Channel–partially owned by Disney Inc., of Mickey Mouse fame–came up with some Mickey Mouse history today when they illustrated a tweet about Gettysburg with a picture of George Washington. You know–the guy who was long dead by the time the Civil War started.

As written at Infowars:

The History Channel tweeted out a picture of George Washington to celebrate the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863:

Amazingly, the tweet still remains three hours later despite the historical inaccuracy.

“Illustration is George Washington taking command of American Army in Cambridge 1775. We must restore teaching American history in schools,” tweeted Michael K in response.

In contrast, Gettysburg was a turning point of the American Civil War nearly 90 years later.

George Washington did take command on July 3, which likely explains why the History Channel used the wrong image.


Well, hey, they all went to public school, too! Who said you had to know any real history to operate a history channel on TV?

At least they didn’t show Obama delivering the Gettysburg Address.


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