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Reading the Far Left and Its Attack on Breitbart and BarbWire: Gay Perversion, Veiled and Overt


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Breitbart and BarbWire have been accused of being “homophobic.” I know what this is because I am no stranger to such attacks. Between The Lines News, a gay publication in Michigan, made a selection last week (in its printed and online publication): “Creep of the Week: Julio Severo.” (Originally published in its printed version 6/15/2017, Issue 2524, Between The Lines News.)

Its reason for naming Julio Severo a “creep”? Between The Lines News said,

“In a June 12 piece on Barbwire, a website named for its unique ability to make a thinking person’s brain bleed, Severo writes, ‘The homosexual movement became active in Brazil by direct cultural effect from America, including her politics and Hollywood.’”

The U.S. homosexual Facebook page “Pride USA” also posted: “Creep of the Week: Julio Severo.” (Link:

If the accusation from Between The Lines News is local and reaches only people in Michigan, other U.S. homosexual activists have made sure that Julio Severo and other “far right-wingers” may not escape national and international attention.

In an article titled “Reading the Far Right: Homophobia, Veiled and Overt,” The Advocate focused on Breitbart and BarbWire and their columnists. Breitbart and BarbWire are websites prominent among U.S. conservatives.

The Advocate is the biggest gay magazine in America and is, in its own words, “The World’s Leading News Source for LGBT.”

Is there a “homophobic” far-right movement in the United States? According to The Advocate, Breitbart and BarbWire are two examples of American far-right extremism.

The problem The Advocate sees in Breitbart:

“Breitbart, which claims not to embrace homophobia (that claim is questionable, and it certainly is full of transphobia), is basically making the argument that the LGBT rights movement used to be OK but has descended into left-wing insanity.”

The Advocate also said:

“The conversion of the Los Angeles Gay Pride march into the anti-Trump ‘#ResistMarch’ on Sunday marked the effective end of the gay rights movement,” wrote Breitbart senior editor at large Joel B. Pollak. “Once, the gay rights movement stood for tolerance: hence the rainbow flag, which is a symbol not only of pride but also of acceptance. But the message on Sunday was that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) conservatives are unwelcome in that spectrum — and are, in fact, aiding the enemy.”

Pollak contended that the movement has changed “from a force for liberation into a tool for repression.”

Breitbart’s stance defending supposedly “conservative” homosexuals who are not welcome in the homosexual movement is not conservative or even Christian. Even so, The Advocate managed to find “lots of overt homophobia” in its “reading of the far-right media” — Breitbart!

The Advocate has a hard time accusing Breitbart of being “far right,” if this means “far conservative,” because one of Breitbart’s former editors, Milo Yiannopoulos, is openly homosexual.

Breitbart would have a hard time to label itself conservative, because genuine U.S. conservatism, especially evangelical conservatism (which is the most prevalent Christian conservatism in America), sees nothing conservative in homosexuality.

Breitbart’s idea that the LGBT rights movement used to be OK is nonsense. Since the days of Alfred Kinsey, who had malicious intent and helped the homosexual movement more than 60 years ago with his malicious sex “studies” (and his “ten percent population is homosexual” hoax, debunked by Dr. Judith Reisman), malicious intent is an integral part of the gay agenda’s history. So Breitbart is terribly mistaken on his view of homosexuality.

What is The Advocate’s problem with BarbWire?

The Advocate said:

“For a look at homophobic and transphobic religious right ideology, one has to go no further than BarbWire, which purports to offer a biblical worldview. It carried a column last week by Robert Oscar Lopez, pulling out the old canard that LGBT people are out to ‘recruit’ children.”

The Advocate is right about BarbWire offering a biblical worldview. Without such worldview, there is no real conservatism. And, yes, the homosexual movement is always preying on children. Or did we forget how revolted they are when parents try to protect their own children from predatory homosexuality?

In 2013, Russia approved a law banning homosexual propaganda to children and adolescents. Hell (Obama and his wicked State Department) was unleashed on Russia. There was a massive revolt from homosexual activists in the U.S. and Europe. Their revolt made appear that Russia had approved capital punishment for homosexuals.

After the ban, The Advocate sarcastically announced that its 2014 Person of the Year was Vladimir Putin, seen by Patheos, an American atheist website, as “the horrifically homophobic president of Russia and a committed opponent of all things pro-LGBT.”

For homosexual activists in the U.S. and Europe, a ban on homosexual propaganda to children is akin to killing homosexuals! The homosexual movement cannot see itself away from children.

Even today, Putin is attacked just because of the ban. Last Sunday, one of the world’s largest Gay “Pride” Parades in São Paulo, Brazil, depicted mockingly Putin as a “drag queen.”

In 2014, when I participated in a pro-family event at the Kremlin, Moscow, the American participants were fearful because U.S. homosexual activists were pressuring the Obama’s State Department to investigate them over their participation in this event. After all, Russia was suffering sanctions from Obama and his left-wing administration.

Not much has changed. Trump’s State Department has increased the Obama sanctions against Russia and has recognized June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Pride Month — continuing the tradition of Obama’s State Department.

The U.S. government has not changed in its defense of homosexual interests against Russia, which has kept its ban on homosexual propaganda to children.

What did Robert Oscar Lopez say that infuriated The Advocate? He said “that recruiting children into the LGBT identity, and then locking them into it, is fundamental to the LGBT community’s survival.”

A ban on such recruiting is fundamental, but the U.S. coercive homosexual tactics, including with government assistance, have relentlessly chastised Russia. With such attitude, the U.S. government shows clearly that it will never protect children from predatory homosexuality.

The Advocate also said:

“In another column published by BarbWire last week, theology professor John Barber (it’s not clear if he’s related to site founder Matt Barber) asserted that there’s no such thing as a gay Christian — even a gay person who refrains from acting on same-sex desires, he said, can’t be a real Christian, because Jesus would have taken those desires away. ‘Without the dominion of sin being broken, the picture of the gay Christian is equivalent to a unicorn sighting,’ Barber wrote.”

That concept is rejected even by some Christian denominations that don’t approve of same-sex relationships, such as the Roman Catholic Church and the Mormon Church, which say a gay, lesbian, or bisexual person can be faithful to the church’s doctrine by remaining celibate.

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