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Paula Kerger, President and CEO, PBS

PBS president/CEO, Paula Kerger

Why Abolish Federal Funding for PBS?


When asked about President Trump’s plan to cut taxpayer funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), House Speaker, Paul Ryan, side-stepped the issue by calling the plan, “a micro detail” in the president’s budget proposal.  But as with nearly everything that happens in Washington, the Devil is always lurking in the details.

According to, PBS president and CEO, Paula Kerger, offered up a thinly-veiled threat to members of Congress reminding them, “[PBS] has strong support among Democrats and Republicans, especially in rural areas.”  She downplayed the annual cost to taxpayers of nearly $500 million as “only $1.35 per U.S. citizen.”  Nevertheless, despite the CPB mandate for objectivity, there are a number of stories viewers will never see on any PBS station or hear on NPR.

Democrats will fight ferociously to defend federal funding for PBS.  The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds PBS and National Public Radio (NPR), has been decisively partisan from its inception.  And, as with most liberal idols, Republicans are either too naïve to notice, or too cowardly to crush it to dust.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting was established in 1967 by the Public Broadcasting Act signed into law by Democrat President, Lyndon Johnson.  It’s ties to Democrats run long and deep for good reason.  L.B.J.’s former press secretary, Bill Moyers, served to project the political agenda off-and-on for nearly 40 years.

PBS will not produce a program that portrays any Republican president in an objective or favorable light or air an excerpt from one of the many emotionally-evocative or inspiring speeches of Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush or Donald Trump.  They will, however, incessantly replay portions of the mediocre address by Democrat President, Bill Clinton, concerning his vague and insipid second term goal of “building a bridge to the 21st century.”

Viewers will not see honest intellectual challenges to evolution or hear it described as unproven and unverifiable theory.  They will not be permitted to know evidence for intelligent design.  They will not witness critical analysis or actual scientific evidence of climate change, or an expose about gay-on-gay violence.  Nor will viewers see a Frontline investigation into illegal foreign campaign donations of a Democrat president, congressman or senator.    

Nearly all of PBS and NPR programming is monolithic in its advocacy for the godless church of liberalism, whose tenets of faith include naturalism, materialism and secular humanism.  No PBS program from Sesame Street to nature shows to Masterpiece Theatre, is off-limits to the deceptive narrative of the radical liberal agenda disguised as entertainment.  The Tunnel: Sabotage provides a recent example.

The Tunnel began as a criminal detective drama in which murders occurring in and around the underwater tunnel that spans the English Channel, are solved through the cooperative efforts of police officers from England and France.

In a recent episode, the producers inserted a gratuitous series of verbal jabs between a snarky young Hijab-clad Muslim woman who engages in a verbal tit-for-tat with an antagonistic Jewish man and a pathetically ignorant Christian woman over the virtues of the “religion of peace.”  This scene adds nothing to the story line, but it does advance the narrative.  One wonders if the program’s producers aim to satisfy a quota of mindless political claptrap in every program.

Historical fiction is not exempt from PBS’s political tampering.  The series, Home Fires is a story about struggles in the lives of women in a small English town during World War II.  In this drama, the writers chose to make room for an historically anachronistic and disturbingly unnecessary lesbian scene, in typical PBS style.

Since the days of Lyndon Johnson, Democrats have earned a reputation of vicious hostility toward all things religious.  The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is a high holy temple in the church of liberalism.  PBS and NPR are no less dogmatic in their  zealous promotion of radical liberalism than an Islamic Imam is for jihadi terror.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has operated as a taxpayer-funded recruitment tool for making proselytes of the DNC.  The sooner Republicans recognize this and stop feeding the CPB Beast, the sooner America can begin to return to sanity.


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