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Facebook censorship

Facebook, Censorship, Profanity, Name-Calling and Foul Language


What is free speech for Facebook?

Monday, immediately after I posted the title and link of my latest article (Brazilian Neighbors Are Ordered to Pay US$4,500 For Calling a Homosexual “Fag”, I received a communication from Facebook showing exactly this title and link and saying that my account would be blocked for thirty days, effective June 19, for supposedly violating Facebook guidelines.

Sure enough, since Monday I am unable to post, like, interact and answer contacts in my own Facebook account.

June 20, I sent this message to Facebook:

Based on a report of Globo, which is the biggest news outlet in Brazil, I wrote an article about a homosexual being insulted and the insulters condemned in court. In the text, I made it very clear that I oppose name-calling. Yet, Facebook blocked me for thirty days. This is censorship!

This post was the reason you presented for you to block me: Brazilian Neighbors Are Ordered to Pay US$4,500 For Calling a Homosexual “Fag”

Is this enough reason to block a user?

I have reported some posts from abusive users containing name-calling and foul and aggressive language (because I hate name-calling and foul language), and you answered to me that you cannot remove or block them because this is only an issue of different views.

Why then block me when I did not defend name-calling and foul language? Why block me when I clearly condemned name-calling and foul language? If this is not CENSORSHIP, what is it?

Is there base for you to block me over an article condemning name-calling and foul language?

Please, review your baseless decision!

Homosexualist users, in Brazil and the U.S., express a lot of profanity, name-calling and dirty language against me and other Christians. In fact, few minutes ago, the U.S. homosexual Facebook page “Pride USA” posted: “Creep of the Week: Julio Severo.” Last week, the U.S. homosexual newspaper Between The Lines, which has a Facebook page, also published, in its printed and online versions, an article titled “Creep of the Week: Julio Severo.”

Has Facebook already considered banning their Facebook pages? Has Facebook already considered banning profanity, name-calling and dirty language by homosexual users against Christians?

There is a lot of profanity, name-calling and dirty language in the Facebook universe. If Facebook intends to block them, users should respect such decision but the Facebook staff should be intelligent to understand that in no way my banned post (with my blocked account) endorses profanity, name-calling and dirty language.

So what is Facebook’s intent in blocking Christian user Julio Severo from posting, liking and interacting in his own account for thirty days?

If this is not censorship, what is it?

Portuguese version of this article: Facebook, censura, palavrões, xingamentos e linguagem suja


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