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director comey

An FBI Director Leaked Sensitive Info, Are you bothered yet?


Does it bother you a FBI director leaked information through a cutout to the NYT, prompting the President to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate unsubstantiated charges, a special prosecutor who is a longstanding personal friend of the FBI director, a former FBI director himself?

Does it bother you the FBI director leaking information appears to have run interference for Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton, ignoring glaring probable cause?

Does it bother you all this appears to be playing out according to the Democrat play book specifically designed to destroy the President and the Republican agenda?

Does it bother you that the special prosecutor is now investigating the President for alleged obstruction of justice, even though it has been made clear he did not call off the investigation of the national security adviser, though he could have, an adviser eventually fired by the President anyway?

Does it bother you this entire affair has taken on the tone of a charade, a circus, a clown show? Does it bother you to see political corruption infect and disease the justice system?


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