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Western Leaders Allowing Terrorism and Appeasing Terrorists


Seven dead and fifty injured in London. One man dead and three police injured in Melbourne. In both cases we had Islamic terror attacks carried out, and in both cases IS has proudly claimed responsibility. And in both cases the useless leaders there have said in effect, “Tough beans, just get used to it.”

The Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has already said that terrorism is ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’. And the Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has said the same thing: “all of us, as Victorians and indeed Australians, have to accept that violent extremism is part of a contemporary Australia.”

Um, no, I am not putting up the white flag of surrender Muslim Khan and Dhimmi Dan. But sadly this is now becoming the norm. Instead of standing strong and defending their own citizens, many Western leaders have simply conceded defeat when it comes to Islam and terrorism.

london juneThey insist that it is inevitable and we just need to get used to it. No – it is only inevitable when we have spineless leaders who prefer to placate Muslims rather than defend their own people. It is only inevitable when these craven leaders worry more about offending Muslim sensitivities than they do about protecting innocent men, women and children.

It seems the main ones talking tough nowadays are those who are not leading our nations, but are sitting on the sidelines, either as backbenchers or social commentators. Well, I would far prefer some of these voices of reason to be running our countries right now than this despicable bunch of dhimmi cowards who now are.

When it comes to Islamic terrorism, some of the fearless politicians include Cory Bernardi, George Christensen, Tony Abbott, Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen. And some of the more astute commentators on this issue include Katie Hopkins, Brendan O’Neill, Melanie Phillips, Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine and Bernard Gaynor.

More could be mentioned, and they all can be quoted from here. Let me just throw out a few recent examples. English commentator Katie Hopkins has been especially clear cut on the dangers we face with out of control immigration, the mindless multi culti, and the reality of political Islam.

Here she is in good form, saying what needs to be said. Please take the five minutes needed to have a listen, then share far and wide.

And those who have made it their business to know what Islam actually teaches are also well worth listening to. Here is an excellent 9-minute video clip by Islam expert David Wood.

Also, see this 8-minute interview with Nigel Farage.

Thankfully some Australian politicians are starting to get some backbone here. For example, Tony Abbott is now becoming emboldened to speak some inconvenient truths. Consider some recent remarks of the former Liberal party leader:

Tony Abbott has slammed officials who claim Islamophobia is almost as big a problem as terrorism while calling for the “strongest possible response” to the latest attacks in London. The former Prime Minister has called for specialist military commandos to lead major counter-terror operations with more shoot-to-kill powers.
Today he called the attack, which has so far claimed seven lives, the latest “atrocity in a long line of Islamist atrocities against the west”.
“My thoughts are that we’ve got to avoid any spirit of surrender, any spirit of defeatism,” Mr Abbott said. “All too often in officialdoms’ ranks there is this notion that Islamophobia is almost as big a problem as Islamist terrorism,” he said.
“Well Islamophobia hasn’t killed anyone, Islamist terrorism has now killed tens of thousands of people. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that there be the strongest possible response at every level.”
Mr Abbott, who put a commando regiment on standby during the December 2014 Lindt Cafe siege, is one of several Liberal MPs pushing for the Defence Act to be amended. “In the case of multiple or complex terrorist incidents, as soon as that is established, the military should become the lead agency in terms of the operations,” Mr Abbott told The Australian on Monday.

And this just in from George Christensen:

There is only one way to respond to the Melbourne Islamist terror attack that left a man dead. We need to weed out radical Islamic ideology, which is the root cause of such acts. This is not a matter of free speech as those who hold and promote this Islamist ideology seek to overthrow our culture, our values, our way of life, our democracy and our society, which are the very things that underpin the right to free speech. Purveyors of radical Islamist ideology need to be hunted down and expelled from our nation.

Cory Bernardi has told his supporters that “we need to talk about Islam”. And not a moment too soon. Overseas commentators like Brendan O’Neill have said the same thing. They have not minced their words about how bad things have become. O’Neill too says “Let’s start talking about Islam”. He writes:

There are no quick fixes to the terror problem, but here is a good start: oppose all censorship and all clampdowns on offence and blasphemy and so-called ‘Islamophobia’. Every single one of them, whether they’re legal, in the form of hate-speech laws, or informal, in the guise of Twittermobs against those who criticise Islam or self-censoring politicians being literally struck dumb on TV because they cannot muster up the word ‘Is… is… is… Islamist’. This will at least start the process of unravelling the Islamist victimhood narrative and its bizarre, violent and officially sanctioned sensitivity to criticism. And if anyone says this is ‘punching down’ — another intellectual weapon in the armoury of Islam-protecting censorship, designed to demonise awkward questions about certain religious and ideological beliefs — tell them that it is in fact punching up: up against a political class and legal system that has foolishly and outrageously sought to police criticism of a religion.

What this means is that the supposedly correct response to terror attacks — ‘Don’t criticise Islam’ — is absolutely the worst response. It pours petrol on fire. It inflames the violent religious narcissism and self-pity that motors many of these attacks. Making criticism of Islam as commonplace and acceptable as criticism of any other religion or ideology is the first step to denuding Islamist terrorism of its warped moral programme, and it will also demonstrate that our society prizes freedom of speech over everything else — including your religion, your God, your prophets, your holy book and your feelings.

Finally, Mark Steyn gets it right:

After Manchester, Mrs May raised the official “Threat Level” from Mildly Perturbed to Somewhat Disturbed or whatever it was, and in order further to reassure the public put soldiers on London’s streets. Soldiers aren’t really much use at stopping homicidal car drivers or random stabbers. To do that, you’d have to ban motor vehicles and sharp knives, which, given the fecklessness and decadence of Europe’s political class, I wouldn’t entirely rule out. Absent that, it’s unfortunate that the London carnage occurred before Katy Perry, Justin Bieber & Co had had a chance to hold their stupid, useless, poor-taste all-you-need-is-sentimentalist-delusional-crap pop concert for the victims of the Manchester carnage. Maybe they’ll cancel it, or maybe they’ll make it a twofer.

Meanwhile, even as the politicians trot out the rote response that these attacks “won’t change us”, everything changes: more armed police, more soldiers, more bollards, more security checks – and smaller lives, fewer liberties, less free speech. London Bridge still stands, but everything else is falling down, in Britain and Europe.

In Australia in recent days there has been some controversy over a Quadrant editor’s response to the obnoxious remarks of someone on the ABC’s Q&A panel that an American has more chance of being killed by a falling refrigerator than by terrorists. This happens not to be true. As far as I can tell, the only source of this bon mot is a US Consumer Product Safety Commission report that found that, between January 2000 and December 2011, toppling television sets, furniture, refrigerators and all other domestic appliances killed a total of 349 Americans – or 29 people per year.
For purposes of comparison, in Britain Islamic terrorists have just killed 28 people in 12 days. [SUNDAY MORNING

UPDATE: it’s now 29.] More to the point, your refrigerator is not trying to kill you, and not eternally seeking new ways to do so. You don’t have to worry about your fridge getting hold of an automatic weapon, or a dirty nuke. The Islamic supremacists want to kill as many infidels by whatever means are to hand. Nor are statistics relevant: If you’ve lost your only child because she went to an Ariana Grande concert, that’s 100 per cent of your kids who are dead. When it comes to deceased loved ones, the only statistical pool that counts is your family, not the nation or the planet.

For a non-Australian, Steyn is far brighter and much more in touch with reality than 95% of our political leaders. Steyn for Prime Minister. Or Hopkins. Or Bolt.

Since our clueless, gutless and dhimmi leaders will dare not speak the truth about the enemy we face, I will keep on doing it. The only question is, how many more men, women and children must die in horrific fashion before these useless leaders wake up and start leading.


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