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Pence Breakfast Jam-Packed with Optimism


Tuesday morning, Vice President Mike Pence didn’t just speak about prayer — he was the proof that prayers are answered! After eight years of punishment under the Obama administration, America’s Catholics are just one of the faith groups relieved to have a friend in the White House.

President Trump’s second-in-command didn’t waste any time renewing ties at the 13th annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in D.C. For the last several years, the group of 1,000 has met under the long shadow of the Obama administration, which seemed to invent new ways almost every day to punish the church for its biblical convictions.

Now, the former Catholic-turned-evangelical insists, the page has officially turned on those dark days. “This administration hears you. This administration stands with you,” he told the crowd. But unlike so many leaders, these two have proven it. President Trump and Vice President Pence haven’t just talked about protecting life, they’ve done it. They haven’t just pledged to defend religious liberty, they’ve issued an executive order insisting on it. And when the time comes to finally defund Planned Parenthood, Donald Trump will be the one proudly signing on the dotted line.

“President Donald Trump stands with the men and women who stand for the sanctity of human life in America, and he always will,” Pence vowed.

“Since day one of this administration, President Donald Trump has been keeping his promise to stand for life,” he went on. “And life is winning in America again. In one of his very first acts in Congress, President Trump reinstated the Mexico City policy to prevent taxpayer funding from organizations that perform or promote abortion abroad.”

When it comes to health care and the half-billion dollar taxpayer scandal of Planned Parenthood, the former congressman explains that Donald Trump hasn’t just gone after Cecile Richards’s group, but empowered states to do the same. “And I’m humbled to say that at the president’s direction, I had the privilege of casting the tie-breaking vote in the United States Senate…”

On the topic of international religious liberty, Pence said that Trump is “a president who knows that terrorism is an existential threat to people of faith in countries around the globe.”

Pence spoke about Trump’s visit with the Pope and how in Saudi Arabia, Trump had condemned “the murder of innocent Muslims, the oppression of women, the persecution of Jews, and […] the slaughter of Christians across the wider Arab world.”

Pence expressed that “the practitioners of terror harbor a special hatred for the followers of Christ, and none more so than the barbarians known as ISIS… I believe that ISIS is guilty of nothing short of genocide.”

He also said that “Christianity faces unprecedented threats in the land where it was given birth.” But fortunately for the troubles of this day, there are two men in the White House determined to do everything in their power to help. And not just for the world’s sake — but for ours.


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